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“I’m The One” music video

Although it’s not supposed to premiere until October 26th, the music video for Morten’s new single “I’m The One” is already available on Vimeo, posted by one of the directors.

Update Oct 26th: the video was later removed, but has now officially premiered on the website of Universal Germany. You’ll notice this final version is entirely in black/white, while the version on Vimeo was in color.

Shot in Berlin earlier this month, the video was directed by Frank Hoffmann & Christopher Häring and produced by Mutter & Vater, the same production company behind the “Scared Of Heights” video.

The release of the single (digital only), which features a new single mix, has been pushed back to November 23rd. Promotion in Germany will include an appearance on TV Total Turmspringen (Pro7) on November 24th.

Santiago concert, September 30th

Santiago, Chile, September 30th

Morten ended his South American solo tour on Sunday night, with a concert at the Caupolican theatre in Santiago, Chile.

Video clips: YouTube   Photo gallery:

Morten is now going to do some sessions with Swedish producer Peter Kvint in October and November, possibly aiming for a new solo album in the fall of 2013.

“I’m seeing Peter when I’m done with the tour now. I’m going back home and we have a session set up to write more music. I’m curious, because it’s been very interesting to work with him”, Morten said last Friday, at a meet & greet with Argentinian fans backstage in Buenos Aires. There’s a 10-minute video from it here.

Buenos Aires concert, September 28th

Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 28th

Morten and his band played at the Gran Rex theatre in Buenos Aires yesterday, for an enthusiastic crowd. At the end of the show, he put on an Argentinian football shirt, to much applause from the audience. “Somebody gave me this. It certainly looks better on a footballer, but there you are”, Morten said.

YouTube videos posted so far:
Arriving at the airport   Lightning   Stay On These Roads   We’re Looking For The Whales   Out Of Blue Comes Green   Crying In The Rain   Foot Of The Mountain   Applause at the end

Photo galleries:
Flickr set by Synth 101   Backstage “meet & greet”

Update: Check out this multi-camera edit of the complete Buenos Aires gig, filmed from the front row in excellent HD quality: YouTube playlist

Sao Paulo concert, September 26th

Sao Paulo, September 26th 
(Picture from UOL)

Morten played the last of his Brazilian solo concerts in front of 3500 people at the Credicard Hall in Sao Paulo yesterday. No changes in the setlist.

Photo galleries:
UOL   Caras Online   Musicao   CGN

Video clips:
With fans outside hotel   Concert videos

While in Brazil, Morten also found time to answer a few questions sent in by Brazilian fans, which can be seen in this YouTube video.

The tour ends with concerts in Buenos Aires tomorrow and Santiago on Sunday.

Belo Horizonte concert, September 23rd

Belo Horizonte, September 23rd 
(Picture by T4F)

Morten continued his South American tour at the Chevrolet Hall in Belo Horizonte on Sunday night.

The setlist was reportedly the same 18 songs as in Rio the day before.

Photo galleries: 
Sou BH 
T4F on Flickr


The tour continues in Sao Paulo tomorrow.

Rio concert, September 22nd

Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro, September 22nd 
(Picture from UOL)

Morten opened his mini-tour of South America at the Citibank Hall in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil last night.

According to Brazilian fansite a-ha the best, this was the setlist:

Picture from Jornal do Brasil

1. Burn Money Burn
2. I’m The One
3. Keep The Sun Away
4. Crying In The Rain
5. Out Of Blue Comes Green
6. Move To Memphis
7. Forever Not Yours
8. When I Reached The Moon
9. Los Angeles
10. Spanish Steps
11. A Kind Of Christmas Card
12. We’re Looking For The Whales
13. Movies
14. Wild Seed
15. Lightning
16. Stay On These Roads
17. Foot Of The Mountain
18. Lay Me Down Tonight

Compared to the Oslo concerts last weekend, “Send Me An Angel” was dropped and “Forever Not Yours” was back in the set.

YouTube videos from Rio have been posted here, here and here.

Pictures from the concert can be found at QUEM, Terra, Flickr, UOL and Jornal do Brasil. There is also a video interview on YouTube.

In an interview with Dagbladet today, Morten says he’s not sure how he’ll be received as a solo artist in Brazil:

Ipanema, Rio 
(Picture from Dagbladet)

“I’m not sure. This is a kind of test project. If it works out, we’ll need to try and build up a platform here, invest more time and work more seriously than we did with a-ha. We came, shot from the hip, and left. I can see a great potential here, because Brazilians are interested in the music I stand for.”

Morten, who says that he would be interested in taking part in “Rock in Rio” in September 2013, doesn’t hide the fact that touring can be a lonely lifestyle:

“But it’s easier and less lonely to tour on my own and with my own band than it was with a-ha. I have more contact with my band now than when I toured with Magne and Paul. I also feel more free. I can speak out on issues that I care about. I couldn’t do that when I was part of a-ha”, Morten claims in the interview.

New album from Morten next year?

During the Q & A session at Sentrum Scene on Saturday, manager Harald Wiik was asked when we might expect Morten to release another solo album:

“Basically, what we’re doing is to finish this tour now, with the South American dates. And when we’re back, basically sit down and talk about it. I know Morten wants to do an album in 2013. He has also started writing, among others with Peter Kvint – who worked on the Out Of My Hands album. So they’re gonna do a session in October, and then we’re going to Stockholm in November to do some more work with him. And then we’ll take it from there. It’s hard to say really, but possibly in September/October next year”, Wiik told the audience.

Oslo concerts, September 14th/15th

Sentrum Scene, September 15th 
(Picture by Jakob)

The setlist at Morten’s concerts in Oslo this weekend was noticeably different from the standard setlist earlier this year. “Just Believe It”, “Scared Of Heights”, “Forever Not Yours” and “Take On Me” were dropped, and instead replaced by “Wild Seed” (performed live for the first time since the 90s), “Movies”  and “Send Me An Angel” (in a new live arrangement).

To celebrate Morten’s birthday on Friday, the backing band surprised him at the end of the show with Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday”. Martin Halla also came on stage to join them, as you can see in this YouTube clip.

Here is the setlist from Friday’s concert:

September 15th

1. Burn Money Burn
2. I’m The One
3. Keep The Sun Away
4. Crying In The Rain
5. Out Of Blue Comes Green
6. Move To Memphis
7. Los Angeles
8. Wild Seed
9. Lightning
10. When I Reached The Moon
11. We’re Looking For The Whales
12. Movies
13. Foot Of The Mountain
14. Send Me An Angel
15. Stay On These Roads
16. Spanish Steps
17. Lay Me Down Tonight
18. A Kind Of Christmas Card
19. Happy Birthday (Stevie Wonder cover)

On Saturday, the setlist was mostly the same, but “Spanish Steps” was performed twice due to technical problems. The set ended with “A Kind Of Christmas Card”.

Check out more YouTube clips from the concerts here.

Catherine with the panel; Harald Wiik, Erik Ljunggren, Dan Sunhordvik and James Maillardet 
(Picture by Jakob)

Another highlight of the weekend was an interesting Q and A session with Harald Wiik, Erik Ljunggren, Dan Sunhordvik and production manager James Maillardet at Sentrum Scene on Saturday. One of the more amusing stories involved getting booked to play a venue called Circus in Novosibirsk, Russia earlier this year – and then arriving in the city and realizing that the venue was an actual circus (complete with lions backstage!).

Stian Andersen and Morten, interviewed by Asbjørn Slettemark 
(Picture by Jakob)

Later in the afternoon, Stian Andersen and Morten were interviewed in front of a large crowd at Oslo Book Festival. This can be seen on YouTube, posted by Chris F: 
Part 1   Part 2

Articles in the Norwegian press: 
Fra grillfestival til Harket 
Nostalgisk bursdagsselskap

More info from the 30th anniversary weekend to follow…

Morten’s next single: “I’m The One”

Single cover

Morten’s next single from Out Of My Hands will be “I’m The One”, according to

The song was already made available as a radio promo in the UK earlier this summer, but will now get a proper single release in Germany.

The release date is October 26th, but whether it will be available as a CD single or download only is not yet known.

Like on the album and first single, the cover photo was taken by photographer Just Loomis.

Morten at the Clean Tech Media Awards

Morten performing in Berlin, September 7th 
(Picture from

Morten attended the Clean Tech Media Awards in Berlin yesterday, where he was presented with the Green Music Award for his focus on environmental issues (see Aug. 25th story).

He also performed “Burn Money Burn” during the award show, which was held at the Tempodrom concert hall.

Earlier in the day, he took part in a press conference in connection with the awards.

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Update: Here’s a video of Morten getting the Green Music Award and performing “Burn Money Burn”: YouTube link

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