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Album tracklist

The tracklist for Out Of My Hands has now been posted on Morten’s official site:

1. Scared of Heights 
2. Keep the Sun Away 
3. Lightning 
4. I’m the One 
5. Quiet 
6. Burn Money Burn 
7. When I Reached the Moon 
8. Listening 
9. Just Believe it 
10. Out of my Hands 

“When I Reached The Moon” (aka. “When I Reach The Moon”) is a previously unreleased song from the Wild Seed-era that Morten has performed live on occasion.

More album and single info

Album cover, with photo by Just Loomis 

The Out Of My Hands album cover was revealed on today, along with the single cover of “Scared of Heights” and a press release. The photos have been taken by Just Loomis.

“Scared of Heights”, the cover version of Espen Lind’s 2008 hit song, will apparently be the first single in countries outside of Norway (instead of “Lightning”), and is released on March 23rd. There will also be a music video for it.


The album’s title track, “Out Of My Hands”, has been written by Morten together with Norwegian producer Lars Hustoft – who posted a picture from the recording sessions on Facebook today. “I can promise you a VERY good pop album from the best vocalist we have in this country”, he says.


Meanwhile, an audio sample of “Lightning” has been posted on YouTube by Universal Norway.

The single has been getting mixed reviews, and Aftenposten‘s reviewer Svein Andersen isn’t particularly impressed by it, giving it a 2 out of 6 rating:


“With a title like this, one might expect some rumble and noise, but there is a surprising lack of energy here. “You would hit me like lightning”, he chants, and one can sense some kind of desperation in the lyrics, but musically you’re instead lulled to sleep. The melody is wrapped in an atmospheric production that rolls ahead in a monotonous drive without much drama or power.

It’s as if you don’t want to disturb. Even though Harket sings that he would have done anything to get his love back – we remain untouched. He sings with his characteristic voice, albeit in a restrained tone, but the vocals alone can’t make the song fly. Quite simply because the song is neither catchy nor interesting and doesn’t manage to take hold of you.

The feelings are sparkling and the blood is racing, he sings, but there’s no trace of Kent’s well-known darkness or a singer that does anything out of the ordinary here.

a-ha is history. Morten Harket continues his solo career, but this offering is too tame. After having heard “Lightning”, Coldplay (who consider a-ha a great influence) now seems almost like pure Metallica in comparison.”

Morten’s new single “Lightning” premieres

Single cover, with photo by Just Loomis 

The first single from Morten’s upcoming solo album is called “Lightning” and premiered on several Norwegian radio stations today. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s the same song as the first preview clip that was played in Rio.

“Lightning” was written by Morten together with Joakim Berg and Martin Sköld from Swedish band Kent, and produced by Steve Osborne and Erik Ljunggren. I have posted the lyrics here.

The collaboration with Kent was Morten’s own idea, Joakim Berg wrote in a post on the official Kent forum last week.

As previously mentioned, the album will also include an English version of the Kent hit song “Kärleken Väntar” from 2002. In addition, Morten wanted to do an English version of another Kent hit from 2002, “Dom Andra”, but that was eventually dropped because of a tight schedule and difficulties in writing English lyrics that matched the original.

“He loved those songs and wanted to test out English versions”, Berg says.

An additional song that Joakim Berg has written together with Jonas Quant may also end up on the album.


“Lightning” gets a 4 out of 6 rating from VG’s reviewer Stein Østbø:

“The song is missing a stronger grip, even when the drums kick in after the first 70 seconds. Harket is only barely present in between all the electronic effects and doesn’t dominate in the way Morten Harket’s voice normally does – and should do. But what could easily have turned into a song rejected by New Order years ago, eventually evolves into an attention-grabbing earworm after all”, Østbø writes.


“Lightning” will be available for download on March 9th, while the album Out Of My Hands is released on April 13th (at least in Norway).

Håvard Rem book launch

Morten and Håvard at Rockefeller last night 
(Picture from Schibsted Forlag's Facebook page)

Håvard Rem, known for his collaborations with Morten in the 1990s, presented his new book 30-40-50 yesterday – his first collection of poems in 13 years.

To celebrate the event, various Norwegian musicians that Rem has worked with over the years took part in a release concert at Rockefeller in Oslo last night, including Kari Bremnes, Magnus Grønneberg and Silje Nergaard.

Morten also appeared on stage, as a surprise guest.

Håvard Rem has written some of the lyrics on Morten’s new album, which is now scheduled for release sometime in April.

Update: There is another picture of Morten and Håvard Rem at Rockefeller on the Facebook page of Sønn Av En Sønn – a new music project Rem has started together with his son Simen.

More tour dates

Seven new tour dates in Russia, Belarus, Brazil, Argentina and Chile have now been announced through Morten’s Facebook page:

19 April: Venue TBC, Tomsk, Russia 
25 April: Palace of Sport, Minsk, Belarus

22 September: Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
23 September: Chevrolet Hall, Belo Horizonte, Brazil 
26 September: Credicard Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil 
28 September: Gran Rex, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
30 September: Caupolican, Santiago, Chile

Please note that the dates in Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo are now switched around, compared to the earlier announcement from Rio.

And unfortunately, the two previously announced Russian dates in Omsk and Tyumen on April 20th and 21st have been cancelled.

To keep track of all the dates, click here.


Update: Over on Morten’s official website, it’s been revealed that the winning song of the recent setlist contest is “Out Of Blue Comes Green” – which will be performed live on his upcoming solo tour.

Song previews from Morten’s new album


In the clip above you can hear the six song previews from Morten’s new album, reportedly called Out Of My Hands, that were played for fans in Rio yesterday.

The most observant among you may notice that two of the songs are cover versions – which doesn’t seem particularly imaginative…

The third one is originally a Kent song called “Kärleken Väntar” and was a massive hit for the Swedish band in Scandinavia in 2002.

The fifth song, “Scared Of Heights”, was originally written and performed by Norwegian singer Espen Lind, and was a big hit in Norway in 2008.

Here are links to more YouTube clips from the fan meeting in Rio:

Clip 1  Clip 2  Clip 3  Clip 4

South American tour announced

At the FNAC bookstore, January 29th. 
(Picture from

At the press conference/fan meeting in Rio last night, it was announced that Morten will return to Brazil in September to do three solo concerts:

22 September: Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro
23 September: Chevrolet Hall, Belo Horizonte
26 September: Credicard Hall, Sao Paulo

He will also be touring in Chile and Argentina.

Fans attending the event were able to hear six song previews from Morten’s upcoming solo album, which are said to resemble the material on Foot Of The Mountain.

More pictures have been posted at and

Morten visits samba school in Rio

With actress and dancer Viviane Araújo. 
(Picture from

Morten is currently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he visited the Salgueiro samba school yesterday.

He seems to be in the country together with gossip reporter Dorthe Skappel and a team from TV2 in Norway.

Some sources claim that he’s working on a documentary “about the end of a-ha”, but I don’t know how accurate that is.

Pictures from his visit at the samba school can be found at, Caras Online, and

Today Morten will meet a number of fans at the FNAC Bookstore, to answer questions and do a meet & greet.

Morten to visit Brazil / Private performance

Morten performing with a-ha in Rio, 2009. 
This time he's going on his own.

Some info from

“Morten will be in Rio de Janeiro on January 29 to celebrate the completion of his new solo album and reconnect with the South American fans! There will be a Q&A where Morten will answer questions from the fans, followed by a meet & greet opportunity.”

The event will be held at the FNAC Bookstore in Rio. Please visit for ticket details. recently had an interview with Norwegian singer/songwriter Tom Hugo Hermansen, who released his debut album Sundry Tales earlier this month.

In addition to his solo project, Hermansen is also a member of the covers band Radiojam. The interview mentions that Radiojam was once hired as a backing band for Morten at a private event.

“He came to Kristiansand to rehearse with us, and he wanted an authentic feel to it. So we rehearsed in an old, worn-down rehearsal room at Samsen Kulturhus. Playing with Morten was great, and I’d be happy to do it again”, Hermansen says.

“And he liked my EP and said it was annoyingly good. Annoying because there are always new artists trying to challenge his own music. But I have quite a while to go until I’m on Harket’s level.”

The interview doesn’t specify exactly when this performance took place, but the EP Hermansen mentions was released in 2009.

Morten invites fans to choose a-ha song

Back in October, it was announced that the concerts on Morten’s upcoming solo tour would include “some selections from the a-ha catalogue”. This info was met by widespread scepticism and negative reactions in the fan community.

In a somewhat surprising move, Morten (or someone in his management) has now come up with an idea to have a vote among the fans to choose one of those a-ha songs. But it must be an album track that hasn’t been performed live since 2000.

Head on over to Morten’s new, official site at to see a list of the 31 songs you can choose from and details on how to vote. The voting ends on January 27th.

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