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“Manmade Lake” remix opportunity

A fun update on today:

We sometimes hear from fans who would like to have a chance to remix an a-ha or solo track, using audio stem files – most recently, a fan named Carlos asked Paul this very question in his Q&A with

Paul is interested to hear your mixes of his new song ‘Manmade Lake’, and he has made the stem files available here on!

Head over to to download the stem files and read all the details.

Waaktaar: “Manmade Lake”


Cover image

Paul’s new song is called “Manmade Lake” and premiered on this afternoon. The song, which was originally recorded by a-ha in a different version during the Foot Of The Mountain sessions in 2008-09, is released as Waaktaar and marks the first time Paul releases something under his own name outside of Savoy.

“Manmade Lake” features a classic Waaktaar melody and production, similar to some of the material on the Savoy album (2004), with Paul on vocals. doesn’t have any more info about the song, but it sounds like Frode Unneland on the drums. The lyrics continue the theme of Paul’s fascination with astronomy and spaceflight. (Update: Frode tells Japanese site Bottomless Pit that he thinks Paul plays the drums himself on “Manmade Lake”.)

Listen to the song and read the lyrics on and Soundcloud!

Paul also has a new official page on Facebook.

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