Martin Halla EP now available

CD cover

Release Me – the EP that Martin Halla and Magne recorded at the end of May – was released by Universal Norway on Monday, July 2nd.

It includes new versions of four of the songs from The Voice, plus a cover version of “Dragonfly”.


1. Release Me (2:36)
2. Hurt (4:07)
3. Take It With Me (3:44)
4. We Found Love (2:39)
5. Dragonfly (2:38)

One would perhaps expect Magne to be credited as producer or musician in the cover, but there is no such info listed, except for songwriting credits.

It does sound like Magne is doing the backing vocals on “Dragonfly”, though.

The CD is now available from, and digitally on iTunes, Spotify, Wimp etc.

30-second audio samples can be heard at

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