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Tour finale at the Hollywood Bowl

a-ha at the Hollywood Bowl, 31 July 2022
(Screenshot from YouTube video by binarybruin)

The Hunting High and Low tour came to an end on Sunday, 31 July, as a-ha played a very special outdoor show at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

This was concert number 72 of the tour, which originally started in October 2019 and ended up becoming their longest tour ever, due to the extended break caused by the pandemic.

“It is our grand finale and who knows if there will be another”, Magne said in an interview with The Orange County Register ahead of the LA show. “We’ve come so far down the road that there could be some sort of swan song and what better way to finish it off, if that’s what happens, than at the Hollywood Bowl with an orchestra? That almost sounds like it’s scripted.”

They were joined on stage by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Wilkins, who played along on 10 of the 14 songs.

“So, this is definitely one for the bucket list. I think ever since we were kids and read about – and heard – The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl this has been one of those moments you’ve been dreaming of. So thanks for making that possible”, Magne told the audience before he introduced the two new songs from True North.

The seven concerts in Brazil from 13-25 July included 19 songs and the full Hunting High and Low album, as did the concert in Napa on 29 July. But at the Hollywood Bowl it was back to a 14-song set.

Hollywood Bowl setlist
(with links to YouTube videos)

1. Sycamore Leaves
2. The Swing of Things
3. Crying in the Rain
4. The Blood That Moves the Body
5. Train of Thought
6. Cry Wolf
7. Forest For the Trees
8. You Have What It Takes
9. Here I Stand and Face the Rain
10. Hunting High and Low
11. The Sun Always Shines on TV
12. I’ve Been Losing You
13. The Living Daylights
14. Take On Me

Someone has also uploaded the entire concert as one video here.

The band will now probably take some much-deserved time off, before the release of the True North film and album.

The ticket sale for 15 September screenings of the 72-minute True North film, directed by Stian Andersen, will begin on 4 August through “I think the film is going to be on like 450 cinemas around the world – for one day. So don’t sleep or you’ll miss it”, Magne told the concert audience in Scarborough last month.

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