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First look at Magne Furuholmen – In Transit

A sample from In Transit (English edition)

A sample from Magne Furuholmen – In Transit
(English edition)

Although it was not supposed to be released until next month, the English edition of Magne Furuholmen – In Transit has now started shipping from at least one Norwegian online bookstore. I received my copy today. The Norwegian edition, however, still seems to be scheduled for February 14th.

At 400 pages long, this massive coffe-table book gives a detailed look at Magne’s most important art projects from 1993 to 2013, with an overwhelming amount of photos.

Edited by Stephanie von Spreter, Thor Arvid Dyrerud, Henrik S. Haugan and Magne Furuholmen, the book also features essays written by Mark Gisbourne, Ute Meta Bauer, Sune Nordgren, Richard Dyer, Selene Wendt and Per Hovdenakk. The photos have been taken by Lars Gundersen and 14 others, including Magne himself.

For anyone interested in Magne’s art, this book is a definite must-have.

The English edition can be pre-ordered from, and If you are in Norway, the English edition can be ordered from and The Norwegian edition (scheduled for February 14th) can also be ordered from and

Update: there’s also a pre-sale on from 28 January – 6 February.

Here are a few previews of the book (click to enlarge):

“Chrysalis Dreams: 30 Years of A-ha”

WEXT logo

WEXT logo

A two-hour a-ha tribute show called “Chrysalis Dreams: 30 Years of A-ha” will be airing on Monday, January 21, from 6 to 8 p.m. (eastern time in the U.S.) on the Albany, NY, radio station WEXT. To listen online, use this link.

Presented by Jeremy Clowe, this retrospective will take a look at the career of the band and their music (from a uniquely American perspective).

Here is some info from the radio station’s website:

“They topped the international charts, sold over 35 million albums, achieved world records and awards, and inspired multiple generations of fans world-wide. You know the song… but do you know the band?

On Monday, January 21 starting at 6pm, join listener Jeremy Clowe as he takes a look at the phenomenal career of the Norwegian trio, A-ha. Best known for their massive hit, “Take on Me”, A-ha became a breakthrough sensation in the 1980s with their unique blend of melody and introspective lyrics, which struck a definite chord with listeners around the globe.

Clowe will bring us current on the band’s career — from their humble beginnings in Oslo to their huge international success in the 1980s; their transition from reluctant pop stars to critically acclaimed artists, and influence on such bands as Coldplay, Keane and Sondre Lerche. We’ll look at groundbreaking videos, Guinness World Records, knighthood and, of course, the music.

“Chrysalis Dreams: 30 Years of A-ha” is a two-hour look at the career of three artists from Norway who truly lived a boy’s adventure tale.

Jeremy Clowe is an independent artist/filmmaker living in the Capital Region. Over the years he has interviewed such music acts as Neil Finn, Travis, The Temptations, and A-ha. Check out clips from his A-ha documentary on his website.”

Apparatjik in Aftenposten K magazine

The cover of Aftenposten K, January 2013

Magazine cover

Magne and a few other Apparatjiks are on the cover of the January 2013 issue of Norwegian culture magazine Aftenposten K. Inside there is an 8-page interview with Magne, Martin Terefe and Jonas Bjerre, which was done in connection with the apparatjik xmess extravaganza performance in Oslo last month.

According to the magazine, Apparatjik were recently asked to do a tour of the U.S., but they declined the offer.

“That’s because we only do the projects that we want to. Agreeing to do a tour means that you also have to be interviewed, you have to sell yourself, promote heavily. But then you’re suddenly doing what you wanted to break away from in the first place”, Magne says.

In the interview he also talks about how they prepared for the festival concert at Roskilde, by imagining that this was the first time anyone had come up with the radical idea of performing on stage in front of an audience.

But as we know, they have later played inside the cube again.

“The cube still exists. It’s a kind of refuge that we sometimes escape into. But it shouldn’t become an institution. It was exciting to see the [audience] reactions in the beginning, but now it’s become just another tool”, Martin Terefe says.

“That’s true. But I think that if we hadn’t performed inside the cube to start with, Roskilde would never have turned out as it did either. (…) Roskilde felt incredibly new and unconventional, because we emerged from the cube. However strange that may seem”, Magne says.

The magazine is now available on Norwegian newsstands and as an iPad edition.

Picture from Aftenposten K, January 2013

Magne, Jonas, Martin, Lowell and Rudolph
(Picture from Aftenposten K)

In Transit book coming soon

Magne Furuholmen - In Transit book cover

The new cover of the book

The long-awaited book In Transit, which provides an overview of Magne’s 20+ year career in visual arts, finally seems to have a confirmed publishing date; February 7th 2013 update: February 13th 2013.

First announced in December 2010, the book project has been delayed a number of times, but the Norwegian publisher Press now says it will be out next month.

A previous announcement described the book as follows:

“In Transit is the first complete presentation of his activities as a visual artist and brings us close to the creative process. This lavish book also includes all the most important artworks, like a Furuholmen “Greatest Hits”. In Transit shows why Magne F has become one of our most prominent international artists.”

In Transit will apparently be available in both an English and a Norwegian edition. The English edition can be pre-ordered from, and, while you can get the Norwegian edition from and

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