Memorial Beach Tour 1993 – 1994

The backing band for this tour is the same as on the ’91 tour; namely Jørun Bøgeberg (bass guitar), Per Hillestad (drums) and Sigurd Køhn (saxophone). (Bøgeberg is replaced by Øyvind Madsen on the South African dates).

Songs performed on the 1993 tour include “I’ve Been Losing You”, “Move To Memphis”, “The Sun Always Shines On TV”, “Cold As Stone”, “Angel”, “Early Morning”, “Hunting High And Low”, “I Call Your Name”, “The Swing Of Things”, “The Weight Of The Wind”, “Memorial Beach”, “Locust”, “Between Your Mama And Yourself”, “The Blood That Moves The Body”, “Stay On These Roads”, “Dark Is The Night” and “Scoundrel Days”.

The 1994 tour includes some of the additional songs “Cry Wolf”, “Manhattan Skyline, “Cold As Stone”/”Sycamore Leaves” medley, “Touchy!”, “Crying In The Rain” “The Living Daylights”, “Seemingly Nonstop July” and on a few shows “Shapes That Go Together” and “Take On Me”, making the shows approximately 2 hours long.



24 May: Subterania Club, London, UK

11 June: Månefisken, Oslo, Norway (press showcase)
16 June: 40 Principales, Madrid, Spain (press showcase)

4 September: Fylde College, Lancashire, UK
7 September: Roxy, Amsterdam, Holland
9 September: Montmartre, Copenhagen, Denmark
12 September: Docks, Hamburg, Germany
13 September: E-Werk, Cologne, Germany
14 September: Huxley’s Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany
15 September: Capitol, Hannover, Germany
16 September: Music Hall, Frankfurt, Germany

17 December: Mot Laselle, Beirut, Lebanon
18 December: Mot Laselle, Beirut, Lebanon



15 January: Oslo Plaza Hotel, Oslo, Norway (corporate gig)

12 February: Stampesletta, Lillehammer, Norway
13 February: Stampesletta, Lillehammer, Norway
14 February: Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway
25 February: Good Hope Centre, Cape Town, South Africa
26 February: Kallie Human Hall, Bloemfontein, South Africa
28 February: Saambou Arena, Pretoria, South Africa

1 March: Standard Bank Arena, Johannesburg, South Africa
2 March: Standard Bank Arena, Johannesburg, South Africa
4 March: Village Green, Durban, South Africa
15 March: Olavshallen, Trondheim, Norway
17 March: Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway
20 March: Stavanger Konserthus, Stavanger, Norway
22 March: Grieghallen, Bergen, Norway
24 March: Ibsenhuset, Skien, Norway
26 March: Idrettshallen, Andenes, Norway (“Rock Against Drugs festival”)

19 June: Oktyabrsky Concert Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia (“White Nights Festival”)

Number of concerts on this tour: 28

Cancellations/venue changes
19 September 1993: Locomotive, Paris (cancelled)

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