a-ha singles



Take On Me
1st release
(October 1984)

Love Is Reason
Norway only
(March 1985)

Take On Me
2nd release
(April 1985)

Take On Me
3rd release
(September 1985)

The Sun Always
Shines On TV

(December 1985)

Train Of Thought
(March 1986)

Hunting High And Low
(June 1986)

I’ve Been Losing You
(September 1986)

Cry Wolf
(November 1986)

Manhattan Skyline
(February 1987)

The Living Daylights
(June 1987)

Stay On These Roads
(March 1988)

The Blood That
Moves The Body

(June 1988)

(August 1988)

You Are The One
(November 1988)



Crying In The Rain
(October 1990)

I Call Your Name
(December 1990)

Early Morning
(February 1991)

Waiting For Her
Japan only
(May 1991)

Move To Memphis
(October 1991)

The Blood That Moves
The Body (Remixes)

(March 1992)

Dark Is The Night
(May 1993)

(September 1993)

Lie Down In Darkness
Promo only, USA
(September 1993)

Shapes That Go

(March 1994)



Summer Moved On
(March 2000)

Minor Earth | Major Sky
(July 2000)

(November 2000)

The Sun Never
Shone That Day

Promo only, Germany
(January 2001)

Forever Not Yours
(April 2002)

(July 2002)

Did Anyone
Approach You?

(September 2002)

The Sun Always
Shines On TV (Live)

(March 2003)

(October 2005)

Promo only, Norway
(October 2005)

Analogue (All I Want)
(December 2005)

Cosy Prisons
(April 2006)

Foot Of The Mountain
(May 2009)

(October 2009)

Nothing Is
Keeping You Here

(November 2009)



Butterfly, Butterfly
(The Last Hurrah)

(July 2010)

Summer Moved On

(March 2011)

Under The Makeup
(July 2015)

The Wake
(August 2015, UK)

Forest Fire
(September 2015)

Cast In Steel
(Steve Osborne Version)

(December 2015)

Objects In The Mirror
(Steve Osborne Version)

(February 2016, UK)

This Is Our Home
(MTV Unplugged)

(September 2017)

Take On Me
(2017 Acoustic)

(December 2017)


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