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Stavanger video clip + German TV-ad

Morten performing at EVS 24

Morten performing at EVS 24

Stavanger Aftenblad has a video clip where you can see Morten performing “A Change Is Gonna Come” as part of EVS 24 at Stavanger Forum earlier today.

Among the audience were Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway and Prince Albert of Monaco.

Morten recorded his own version of this Sam Cooke-classic back in 1995, and has performed it live a few times since then.

From the TV-ad

From the TV-ad

A new TV-ad for “Foot Of The Mountain” is being shown on German TV at the moment. There isn’t any new footage in the ad, but it’s good to see some promotion going on. The TV-ad can be seen here.

Universal Germany has also set up a new official site in connection with the new album:

Morten at EVS 24 in Stavanger + video news

"I'm interested in all kinds of new environmental technology", Morten says. Here with Harald Røstvik at StatoilHydro's stand.

“I’m interested in all kinds of new environmental technology”,
Morten says. Here with Harald Røstvik at StatoilHydro’s stand.

Morten is currently at EVS 24 (a world congress and exhibition for electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles), which is being held in Stavanger, Norway this year.

As previously reported, he is scheduled to do a short live performance tomorrow morning. But he will also do a longer set tonight, according to Stavanger Aftenblad.

VG talked to Morten earlier today, as he was given a private tour of the exhibition area to see new environmental technology.

Our society is so slow. The environmental problems that we’re concerned about today are more or less the same things we already knew about 25 years ago. We could have taken the necessary measures back then“, Morten told VG.

In 1989, Morten together with Magne Furuholmen, Harald Røstvik and the environmental foundation Bellona, brought the first electric car to Norway.

But he feels that there hasn’t been enough development happening since then.

Things are still not sufficiently facilitated [for electric cars]. What matters is what the rest of the world and Norway does. There needs to be a pressure from the government which can lead to better environmental technology in cars.

In other news, some of you have been wondering if there will be a music video for “Foot Of The Mountain”. It has now been confirmed that they will be shooting the video next week in Germany.

Watch Morten and Pia

Morten and Pia Tjelta on stage, May 7th

Morten and Pia Tjelta on stage, May 7th

Morten and actress Pia Tjelta, accompanied by Kjetil Bjerkestrand on piano, performed the Everly Brothers song “Let It Be Me” at the opening of Eger shopping center in Oslo tonight.

Morten told Dagbladet that they had recently performed the song together at a private party, and when Pia later sent him a text message and asked if he wanted to perform it again at tonight’s opening he was impressed by her initiative.

Morten and Pia

Morten and Pia

Pia is easy to work with and eager to accomplish things. She is curious in a good way“, Morten said of his duet partner.

Morten has performed “Let It Be Me” alone and together with others many times before.

When asked today why this particular tune was chosen, Morten said:
The guitar I’m playing was a gift from Phil Everly. I sometimes use that as an explanation [for playing “Let It Be Me”]. And this is an Everly Brothers classic. It’s actually an even older French song. But they made it famous. And it’s always been a good song.

Videos of the performance and video interviews with Morten and Pia can be seen at and

Morten to sing with Pia Tjelta

Morten and Pia Tjelta

Morten and Pia Tjelta

VG reports that Morten Harket and Pia Tjelta will appear on stage together for the first time on Thursday night (May 7th).

They will perform a duet at the opening of Eger shopping center at Egertorget in Oslo

It’s correct that Morten and Pia will be singing together. But what they’ll be singing is still a secret“, organizer Runar Vatne tells VG.

31-year-old Pia Tjelta is one of Norway’s most popular actresses, known from numerous roles in films and on stage. But like Morten, she started out in a Ten Sing choir and has also been singing with various bands. Tjelta is currently doing the musical Les Miserables in Oslo.

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