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Lowell and Magne jam session

Lowell and Magne, July 3rd (Screenshot from Vine clip)

Lowell and Magne, July 3rd
(Screenshot from Vine clip)

Elizabeth Boland – aka Lowell – did a week-long music and art workshop at Stolper + Friends in Oslo earlier this month, following her concerts at the Go With The Flø festival. Entitled Sex cells – sound and vision under the influence, the workshop was held between 1 – 7 July.

Here’s a quote from her Facebook page:

“Many people came out to the concerts at night, and one night we had Robyn Hitchcock (The Soft Boys) with Norwegian indie rock band “I was a King”. One day we also had a stunning violin duo playing violin and the saw along with me. Other days, Magne F (a-ha, Apparatjik) and I jammed out for hours on various distortion instruments until our fingers were tired.”

Over the last week, Lowell has been posting audio clips on Soundcloud from the two-hour jam session she did with Magne on July 3rd. Here are the links:
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Other links:
Lowell Facebook pageSex cells info and gallery
Art on Canvas blog – pictures from Lowell workshop
Northern Transmissions – interview with Lowell about working with Apparatjik

Magne co-writes song for new Backstreet Boys album

Magne has co-written one of the songs on the upcoming Backstreet Boys album In a World Like This, which is released on July 30th. The song is called “Breathe” and was written by Martin Terefe, Andreas Olsson, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, Nick Whitecross and Magne Furuholmen.

This is the group’s eighth studio album, and was partly recorded at Martin Terefe’s Kensaltown Recording Studios in London. In total, Martin Terefe has co-written and produced four of the songs on the album (plus an iTunes bonus track).

“Breathe” can be heard on YouTube.

Paul joins Spark Management

Still busy in the studio

Still busy in New York

Paul is now represented by New York-based management company Spark Management, which was founded earlier this year to “develop the careers of exceptional artists, songwriters, producers and mix engineers”.

The company’s roster of clients also includes Mark Saunders (who co-produced a-ha’s Foot of the Mountain album) and Dan Romer (who did the music for Beasts of The Southern Wild).

Paul is described as “an active songwriter and producer for other major label artists” on the company’s website.

Spark Management founder Ollie Hammett, who previously worked for Elton John’s Rocket Music Management, said in an interview with last year:

“I think we’re in a unique position to help develop the careers of producers, in both traditional ways i.e. producing records for artists as well as new ways, too, through opportunities in digital, interactive, film, television and theater. It’s an exciting time for music producers and there are many opportunities to rewrite the rule book.”

Although Paul has reportedly been writing and producing for other artists since January 2011, nothing has been officially released so far (that we know of). These projects all seem to be shrouded in mystery for the time being.

Update, July 16th: A Norwegian fan met Paul in Bergen on Friday, July 12th. When asked if there would be a new Savoy album, Paul said that “various things are gonna come up soon”. More info on the WOTM Forum.

Go With The Flø festival 2013

Picture from Sunnmørsposten

Picture from Sunnmørsposten

Magne and his wife Heidi were at Flø this weekend, where they attended the annual Go With The Flø art festival. The festival included an exhibition by Damien Hirst and two concerts by Lowell.

But this year Magne was not exhibiting or performing himself:

“This time I’m only here to enjoy myself. Go With The Flø is great opportunity to make a visit to Western Norway and meet friends and acquaintances. And I’m here together with my London gallerist, Paul Stolper, who is also Damien Hirst’s gallerist”, Magne told Sunnmørsposten.

The festival’s Facebook page has a few photos of Magne and Simen Staalnacke (Moods of Norway) fishing and standing in front of a new ice cream van.

Nye lydar på Vonheim    Kunstivalen i bilete (slideshow)
Kunstfestivalen på Flø større enn noen gang

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