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Morten on TV Total Turmspringen

Olympiahalle, Munich, November 24th

Morten was in Munich last night, where he did a playback performance of “I’m The One” on Pro 7’s TV Total Turmspringen. This is the same celebrity diving show that a-ha appeared on three years ago.

The performance can be seen at

In an interview with before the show, Morten says that he’d rather just focus on the next album:

“I’m in a strange situation. I just released a new single, but my heart and thoughts are with my next album, which I’m currently recording. When you release something, you have an obligation to stay in the consciousness of the audience and the media. Which contradicts my obligation towards my own honesty and creativity. Something tells me that I shouldn’t be doing any promo. At the moment, my heart is not in it. Out Of My Hands is like an old wife. I don’t want to meet her, because I’m in love with what’s happening now. This is my dilemma.”

He is also asked if he’ll try to distance himself a bit more from the synth-heavy a-ha sound on the next album:

“No. Because in the minds of the audience, I’m so strongly connected with the band’s history.”

“I’m The One” is now available in Germany as a download-only 2-track single, which includes an alternative version of the song. It’s also available as a 2-track single + music video.

Kensaltown session

Magne and Tini Flaat Mykland from The Voice have been back in London this week, to do another recording session with Martin Terefe at Kensaltown Studios.

They were joined in the studio by Neil Conti (Prefab Sprout) and Glen Scott. Tini has posted a couple of pictures with Magne on Instagram: Picture 1   Picture 2

She writes that it’s been a “fantastic week” and that she’ll bring “a suitcase filled with brand new songs” with her on the plane back to Norway. Tini’s debut album will hopefully be out sometime next year.

Video: Tini’s blind audition on The Voice

Morten on Die Ultimative Chart Show

Morten on Die Ultimative Chart Show

Morten’s playback performance of “Burn Money Burn” on the German TV-show Die Ultimative Chart Show (originally taped in Cologne back on July 2nd), finally aired on RTL on Friday night.

The performance and a short conversation with host Oliver Geissen and some other guests has been posted on YouTube.

Morten will be back in Germany later this month, to promote the new single “I’m The One”. This will include a performance on TV Total Turmspringen (Pro7) on November 24th.

a-ha receive Royal Order of St. Olav

Magne, Morten and Paul with their medals

The three members of a-ha were today appointed Knights First Class of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav for their “outstanding musical contribution”.

The invite-only ceremony was held at Gamle Logen in Oslo, and was attended by family, friends and fans.

The ceremony, which was broadcast live online, included music by a string quartet and speeches by Viggo Bondi (bassist in Bridges), Terry Slater (a-ha manager 1983-1994), Trond Giske (Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry) and Anders Flågen (representing the Royal Palace) who presented a-ha with their medals.

After receiving the medals, Morten spoke on behalf of the band. Here is a translation of his speech:

Morten speaking

“If only I could have said as my aunt Magny, when the Mayor of Kristiansand told her that uncle Bernt would be awarded the King’s Medal of Merit.

“What was that?” I heard her say, as people around her started clapping.

“Bernt is to be awarded The King’s Medal of Merit”, someone repeated to her.

“Is that so? Then it can’t be very prestigious.”

[Audience laughing]

When Paul, Magne and myself set a course for England, we had great plans. But we didn’t imagine that 30 years later, we would be here at Gamle Logen to be appointed Knights. We had to leave Norway to become a-ha. Norway is a leader on natural resources, but not on refining them. That’s true within most fields, including our own. Talents have to be refined and managed. No one can succeed on their own. You need to have the right people around you. If you don’t find them here [in Norway], you have to leave in time. And here comes my little case in point:

We have great resources in Norway, not least of the human kind. But we have to focus more on the unknown, if we want to be part of discovering the future. If not, it will just be presented to us. In Norway we have an immature view on failure. It brings with it a sense of shame. We don’t like to take risks. Risk-taking is seen as irresponsible. We need a more realistic view of what it actually takes to succeed.

If there’s one reason to honour us here today, it has to be this: We have stayed true to what we believed in. Together and on our own. Congratulations guys!”
If you missed the live broadcast, it can be seen again at

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“Desembertoner” Christmas concert

Free concert on December 21st

The third annual “Desembertoner” Christmas concert is taking place at Oslo Domkirke [Oslo Cathedral] on Friday, December 21st.

Magne is one of the musicians taking part. He will be performing together with Martin Halla and Tini Flaat Mykland from The Voice.

Two concerts will be held, at 17:00 and 20:00, and they are both free of charge.

Other artists performing include Kari Bremnes, Donkeyboy, Envy and Frikar.

“Desembertoner” is sponsored by the Nordea financial group.

Magne turns 50

Picture from Budstikka

We all know him as the keyboardist/guitarist in a-ha, as a celebrated visual artist, songwriter, film music composer, solo artist, poet, talent coach, gallerist, and as the mastermind behind Apparatjik.

Magne Furuholmen was born on 1 November 1962, which means he can celebrate his 50th birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Magne!

(You can post your own birthday greetings to him on the Facebook page)

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