Magne in Dagbladet Søndag

Cover of Dagbladet Søndag

Magne is on the front page of Dagbladet’s Sunday magazine today. Inside there is a 3-page interview. Here are a few quotes:

On this album I wanted to find back to the time when we played everything ourselves, worked with synths and experimented with different sounds. For my part I wanted to stop being ashamed of the sound we helped create in the eighties. Because certain members of the band still are.

– Did you ever consider not doing a new a-ha album this time?
Yes. That’s what I’ve done every time since 2000. I think that’s how it is for all three of us. But we’re usually happy afterwards, that we gave it all we had. When I decide on a project, I have a “bulldog-approach”, I keep biting with my jaws locked. Which isn’t necessarily healthy.

– Is there no end to your productivity?
No, not really. There’s so much I want to do, I haven’t really gotten started yet.

The interview is also available online here.
And if you don’t understand Norwegian, WOTM forum member Heidi has posted a full translation here.


Today’s chart update:
FOTM enters the official album chart in the Netherlands at number 83. (Thanks to Johannes)

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