Interview with Paul

There is an interview with Paul in the Bauru newspaper Jornal da Cidade today. Here are a few quotes:

Buenos Aires, March 4th

Buenos Aires, March 4th

JC – What are the expectations of the band regarding the Brazilian public?
Paul – The tours that we remember most are from South America and the times when we were in Brazil are very special to us. It is even a little funny because we always did more shows in Europe and North America, but they started telling us that we were very successful in Brazil and that we should include the country on tour. When we finally visited Brazil, we were impressed with the care, attention and the amount of fans we had here. For me, the first time we played in Brazil was particularly special because it was as if we were playing live for the first time. The audience was different and gave us a new feeling because we had never played in such big and open stadiums. It really changed the way we were performing.

JC – What do you like about Brazil?
Paul – It’s hard to compete with the Brazilian public. You are very passionate, caring and have a unique energy. I remember we were impressed with this concert at Rock in Rio II that I mentioned, because there were people who stood in line for more than nine hours and still had the energy to sing and jump during the show. This is amazing. Brazilians give of themselves completely and I do not find these features anywhere else in the world. Let’s say that each country has a “taste” and the Brazilian “taste” is very striking.

JC – Is there a chance that the band will meet up again in the future?
Paul – “Forever” does not exist. Nothing is eternal. We don’t know what can happen in the future. I won’t say that we will never again be reunited as a-ha, but right now we are saying goodbye, yes.

JC – What do you intend to do from now on?
Paul – I really want to keep writing and working on music, working with new artists. Maybe I’ll form a new band. I have written songs and I’ll see what to do with them. Magne formed another band and they even released an album, but I think none of us have decided exactly what to do in the future because we still have much work to do on this last tour. But surely the music will continue in our lives.

The whole interview in Portuguese can be found on Jornal da Cidade’s website here, or you can read an English translation provided by Google Translate here.

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