Santiago concert

Santiago, March 23rd

Santiago, March 23rd

The South American tour ended with the rescheduled concert at the Movistar Arena in Santiago last night, where the band played for an audience of 9000 people.

Morten’s voice is clearly improving after the problems he had last week, so it was back to the 20-song setlist this time.

1. The Bandstand
2. Foot Of The Mountain
3. Analogue
4. Forever Not Yours
5. Minor Earth, Major Sky
6. Move To Memphis
7. The Blood That Moves The Body
8. Stay On These Roads
9. The Living Daylights
10. Early Morning
11. Crying In The Rain
12. Scoundrel Days
13. Manhattan Skyline
14. I’ve Been Losing You
15. We’re Looking For The Whales
16. Cry Wolf
17. Train Of Thought
18. Hunting High And Low
19. The Sun Always Shines On TV
20. Take On Me

There’s an article with more pictures from the concert on

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