VG article and slideshow

Picture from VG

Picture from VG

There is a 9-page article about a-ha in today’s paper edition of VG. The article was done in New York earlier this month and features several pictures taken by Janne Møller-Hansen.

A great slideshow with more of Møller-Hansen’s pictures from New York, set to the tones of “Real Meaning”, is also available online at VG Nett.

Here are some quotes from the article:

Magne: We could easily have continued with a-ha, it’s difficult to say stop when things are going as well as they do. But the question is: Would we continue to inspire each other? I think the answer is no.

Morten: Magne is put together differently than me. Magne doesn’t live in a contemplative room. He just grabs the afterthought as he goes along, while he is saddling two horses that he rides at the same time. His work is his meditation. I’m completely different, I spend a lot of time reflecting on things.

Paul: I’m spoilt in the way that I hear Morten’s voice when I’m writing songs. I would be interested in writing more songs for him, even if we’re not together as a-ha anymore.

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