a-ha concert in Stadtallendorf

Stadtallendorf, June 6th

Stadtallendorf, June 6th

The rescheduled concert in Stadtallendorf, as part of the Hessentag festival, ended up being a wet experience for 8000 people yesterday, despite promises of good weather earlier in the week.

Heavy wind, rain and thunder a few hours before the concert had the organizers pondering a possible cancellation. Apparently there were concerns about the safety of the audience as things came flying through the air, and people had to leave the area in front of the stage.

But the weather improved and a-ha eventually went on stage, slightly delayed. Some of the stage equipment and Magne’s synths had to be covered in plastic to avoid the rain. Morten’s voice was considerably better this time, and “Early Morning” was back in the setlist.

8000 a-ha-Fans durchnässt aber glücklich   a-ha spielt auf dem Hessentag
a-ha live auf dem Hessentag

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The Bandstand   Summer Moved On   Minor Earth Major Sky   Move To Memphis
And You Tell Me   Early Morning   Stay On These Roads   The Sun Always Shines On TV

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