Article about the G# guitars

Paul using a G# guitar in Toronto, May 10th (Picture by Corina)

Paul using a G# guitar in Toronto, May 10th
(Picture by Corina)

Today’s paper edition of Dagbladet has an article about a-ha’s newfound interest in the Norwegian G-Sharp guitar.

It’s fun that a-ha have fallen in love with the guitar and its sound“, Øivin Fjeld – the musician who invented the instrument – tells Dagbladet.

Paul has tested the guitar over time, and has really come to like it.

I have after all quite a few guitars to choose from, so I have to admit that it was a big surprise, also for me, when I found out that this little Norwegian guitar became our first choice for all the guitar tracks on “Butterfly, Butterfly”, Paul says.

Paul had initially decided to use a selection of various instruments from his large guitar collection on the final single.

But no, I actually ended up using the G# on all the guitar tracks“, Paul says.

Magne and Morten are also using the Norwegian guitar during a-ha’s ongoing farewell tour.

The G# guitars have found their natural place within a-ha, and they will be used even more during the next leg of the tour, not least because of the live performance of “Butterfly, Butterfly”, Morten says.

Other musicians using the guitar include Eric Clapton, Guy Fletcher, Mark Knopfler and Scotty Moore.

The full Dagbladet article is also available online here.

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