Paul talks about final live song

"I would like to leave people with a different vibe at the end", Paul says.

“I would like to leave people with a different
vibe at the end”
, Paul says.

Paul has some encouraging words for those of us hoping that a-ha will end the December 4th concert with a more appropriate final song than “Take On Me”.

Here are a few quotes from a new interview with

– Why is this the right moment to bring a-ha to an end?
– It’s not the right moment at all, in my view! I’m the one who said that we should record another album instead. It would have been nice to end things with a larger, final statement.

– You didn’t manage to get your will?
– You have to take into account the band chemistry, which provides creative sparks, but which also can be tiringly destructive in the long run. 25 years is a long time. We want to end on a high note. In any case, it will be both fun and strange to meet again a year later, when schedules and business decisions no longer play a part.

– And if the other two want to start up a-ha again?
– Then perhaps I’m the one who doesn’t want to! That’s how it’s always been; one of us is against it. But I think that Morten will continue to perform songs that I have written.
– What is the last song that a-ha will perform live?
– At least not “Take On Me” – if it’s up to me. I have nothing against the song, but I would like to leave people with a different vibe at the end.


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Oh, and “Butterfly, Butterfly” has entered the German single chart at number 22 in its first week.

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