73.000 tickets sold

a-ha playing at Ullevaal in 2002.

a-ha playing at Ullevaal in 2002.

A total of 73.000 tickets have now been sold for the four stadium concerts in Norway in the next few weeks.

Here are the latest numbers:
Ullevaal Stadium, Oslo: 25.000
Brann Stadium, Bergen: 23.500
Lerkendal Stadium, Trondheim: 12.500
Sør Arena, Kristiansand: 12.000

They’ll be using a screen that’s 18 meters tall and 63 meters wide. The concerts will be monumental, intimate and warm. The audience will get a club-feeling at a stadium concert. The production is quite simply insane“, promoter Arne Svare tells Fædrelandsvennen’s print edition.

Sales numbers for the festival concerts in Stavanger and Tromsø are not available at the moment.

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