The Voice – episode 9

Tini, Monika, Martin and Magne during rehearsals

Magne made it tricky for himself on The Voice last night, when he decided to put Monika Blomeid and Tini Flaat Mykland, probably the two best talents on his team, up against each other in a duel.

A video clip of their performance of Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” can be seen at

“The two of you are lightyears ahead of so many others. And each of you manage to own the song in your own special way. I’m not able to point out any mistakes in the performance. You go straight to my heart, both of you. I get completely blown away each time I listen to you, including tonight”, Magne said after the performance.

“But I just can’t get past Monika. It has to be Monika”


“Setting two such strong talents as Tini and Monika up against each other in a duel might seem strange to most people, and I guess it may not be the most strategic move, but remember that I’m also trying to create unique musical moments. I also feel that there should be a certain balance, in that both talents can have a real chance of actually winning the duels”, he told VG afterwards.

“Magne is so dedicated and excited. He gives me so much inspiration and motivation. It’s almost unreal. Being backed by Magne Furuholmen – it almost feels strange to say it out loud”, Monika said in a VG interview.

“Monika’s voice is a force of nature. She is definitely capable of winning the whole contest”, Magne said in the same interview.


But even though Tini is out of the contest, Magne wants to continue working with her as well.

“Yes, it’s true that Tini and me have been in contact after she left The Voice. Martin Terefe and myself really want to make an album with her. She is a singing talent we both strongly believe in, regardless of this contest, and we are hoping to help her release her full potential”, Magne told VG.

“We have had a meeting and are in a dialogue, that’s all I can say. I’m really humbled that he wants to keep working with me, and he seems to mean what he says. It’s really fun”, Tini herself says.

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