Rom 13 book now available

Magne, photographed by Marcel Leliënhof

The book Rom 13, which I mentioned here on March 6th, was published in Norway on April 20th.

In the book, 22 people talk about important turning points in their lives. There are four pages about Magne, who talks about how his focus gradually shifted from music to visual arts.

The text is accompanied by a picture of Magne, wearing a paper bag on his head with an Oscar Wilde quote; “No man is rich enough to buy back his past”.

Here’s a short excerpt from the book (translated):

“It all begins with an idea. It begins when Paul, as a kid, asks me what I want to be when I grow up. It begins when I reply that I want to be a musician. That’s where it all begins. You vocalize it. Say it out loud.

My musical activities were given such a huge outlet. I would do the other stuff alone at night, in my hotel room. I drew. Scribbled. On hotel stationary. In ring binders. Notepads.

When we moved to London, I tried to sell drawings on the street to make some extra money. a-ha found success, and I gradually became more and more tired of fame. I sensed a need to start creating artwork again. As a form of therapy.

A gallerist I knew from earlier, had run into Morten Harket and asked: When is Magne going to give up this music nonsense and start doing what he’s destined to do? When Morten told me that, it hit something in me, because I had already been thinking the same thing.”

There’s a video clip from the various Rom 13 photo shoots on vimeo. Magne can be seen at 01:28. All the photos from the book/exhibition are currently being auctioned off at

The book can be ordered from

Magne and Marcel Leliënhof

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