Magne talks about Flø performance

Magne was interviewed in Sunnmørsposten’s paper edition on Friday, about the upcoming Go With the Flø festival on June 24th, where he will use the “Desibel” horn system to perform a specially made sound collage.

“It will be an opening fanfare based on sound recordings from the shipbuilding industry – made at the Kleven Verft shipyard, and sounds from the village of Flø. A collage of different sounds. I think this will be a radio hit on P3 this summer”, he jokes.

“The horns form a sort of sculpture of different frequencies. It’s a monumental way of spreading sound.”

The largest horn is 12 meters long. “Desibel” is currently being used at an art festival in Denmark, but will soon be on its way to Flø.

“People can expect a really powerful sound. The bass frequency is capable of physically moving a cow”, Magne says. Therefore he thinks it’s wise for people to bring ear protection to the festival.

“We will of course try to spread the sound carefully, but the sound collage is meant to give the audience both a mental and physical experience.”

This will be the fourth time Magne visits Flø with different art projects, following “Anticlimax” in 2008, “Camera” in 2009 and the Apparatjik concert in 2010.

“Flø is sort of addictive. It’s an incredibly great place to be. So when you first make a visit, you get addicted to the place”, he says.

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