Videos from Roskilde and Flø

Magne at Roskilde, July 5th

A video clip with a selection of highlights from last week’s Apparatjik concert at Roskilde is now available at the festival’s website. It includes the following songs:

Do It Myself / Supersonic Sound / Deadbeat / DJ set (snippet) / Shake Him Off (feat. Lowell) / Tell The Babes / Cervux Sequential / Snow Crystals (snippet) / Do It Myself (reprise)

If the whole concert will be available at some point, is not known.

To view the mad spectacle, go to and click on “Orange Stage 2012: Apparatjik”.


There is also a new video clip of Magne’s “Go With The Flø” opening fanfare last month now up on, courtesy of Sven Voelker.

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