Exhibition opening at Vinstra

Magne and Håvard Vikhagen at Vinstra on Wednesday, August 1st 
(Picture from Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen)

Magne and Håvard Vikhagen’s joint exhibition, held as part of the annual Peer Gynt culture festival, opened at Vinstra yesterday.

“Magne is a bit like Peer Gynt. They have both had many spectacular experiences and been through a lot”, Vikhagen tells newspaper Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen.

Magne agrees that there are similarities between himself and Ibsen’s iconic character:

“There are several parallels. When I’m juggling many balls in the air, I have a tendency to add even more balls. Both Peer and myself have a lot of life experience. We are also both easily fascinated, while at the same time maintaining a critical attitude. And we want to experience something all the time. But we’re always longing for a place to belong”, he says.

The exhibition at Vinstra includes a selection of works from “Futura Plus”.

“I create art from a musical point of view, where emotions play a large part. I’m not afraid to get involved and be present. Hopefully I’m able to make my art sing. Either way, it’s exciting to be exhibiting together with Håvard”, Magne says.

The Furuholmen/Vikhagen exhibition at Vinstra is entitled “For jeg er født til kunstner, ser du” (a quote by Ibsen) and is open until August 11th.

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