Even Ormestad is new a-ha bassist

Even Ormestad (picture from discogs.com)

Even Ormestad
(picture from discogs.com)

Even Ormestad, known from the band Jaga Jazzist, is playing bass guitar on the new a-ha album Cast in Steel and will join the band on stage on the whole 2015-2016 tour. This was revealed in a conversation on the official Jaga Jazzist Facebook page today.

Ormestad has been a musician and producer for a number of Norwegian bands and artists in recent years, including Sassybeat – which was signed and managed by a-ha manager Harald Wiik. Most recently he produced Daniel Kvammen’s well-received debut album Fremad i Alle Retninga.

a-ha have not had a bass player with them on tour since Sven Lindvall’s departure in 2007. On the 2009-2010 tours, keyboardist Erik Ljunggren only played bass guitar on a few select songs.

As previously known, Ormestad’s Jaga Jazzist bandmate Lars Horntveth has been working on string arrangements for the new a-ha album – two songs, to be precise, according to their Facebook page.

And as for the rest of the backing band on the Cast in Steel Tour, Karl Oluf Wennerberg has hinted on Instagram that he will still be behind the drums, at least at Rock in Rio this year.

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