‘Cast In Steel’ tracklist

The Cast In Steel tracklist has now been posted on the official site:

Update July 24th: Added length of each track.

01. Cast In Steel (Waaktaar-Savoy) (3:50)
02. Under The Makeup (Waaktaar-Savoy) (3:25)
03. The Wake (Harket/Kvint/Olsen) (3:45)
04. Forest Fire (Furuholmen/Harket/Terefe/Kvint) (3:54)
05. Objects In The Mirror (Furuholmen) (4:14)
06. Door Ajar (Waaktaar-Savoy) (3:45)
07. Living At The End Of The World (Harket/Kvint/Olsen) (4:06)
08. Mythomania (Furuholmen) (3:49)
09. She’s Humming A Tune (Waaktaar-Savoy) (4:02)
10. Shadow Endeavors (Waaktaar-Savoy) (4:21)
11. Giving Up The Ghost (Furuholmen) (4:15)
12. Goodbye Thompson (Waaktaar-Savoy) (3:34)

It’s worth noting that the Vinyl LP will only include ten of the twelve album tracks. And the song “Open Face” seems to have been left out, unless its title has changed. “She’s Humming A Tune” was originally an early demo that a-ha was working on in London in 1983/84.

The Deluxe Edition and Fanbox Edition will also include the following tracks on the second disc:

01. The End Of The Affair (Furuholmen) (3:31)
02. Mother Nature Goes To Heaven (Original Version) (4:33)
03. Nothing Is Keeping You Here (Original Version) (4:41)
04. Shadowside (Demo Version) (4:16)
05. Start The Simulator (Stereophonic Mix) (5:19)
06. Foot Of The Mountain (Mark Saunders Remix) (4:18)

To see the complete list of songwriters and producers, visit the a-ha.com article.

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