Eddie Howe on being an a-ha fan: ‘I want other people to hear what I hear’

Eddie Howe

In connection with Eddie Howe being confirmed as the new manager of Newcastle United this week, author Greg Lansdowne has kindly offered to share an extended version of an interview he did with Howe for his 2016 book Living A Fan’s Adventure Tale – a-ha in the eyes of the beholders.

Howe is known to be a major a-ha fan, and has followed the band since the beginning in the mid-80s.

In the interview he talks about his admiration for the band – “The songwriting is incredible and the reason they are still making music now is because it is very interesting”, but also the challenges of being an a-ha fan – “The frustration for me is their music doesn’t have the credibility or recognition that it deserves.”

Read the full interview here: Tyne and again

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