Article: Drumming for a-ha on last world tour

Karl Oluf Wennerberg (37) is on the road with a-ha on their last ever world tour.

“We started in Argentina. Tonight we’re playing in Brazil. Later we’ll go to Chile”, the man from Vennesla says on the phone from Bauru. He’ll be following a-ha practically around the world as the band says their final goodbyes after 25 years with an extensive tour.

“I’m looking forward to playing in every city, it’s really fun. There’s been a good atmosphere so far. The highlight will probably be the concert at Sør Arena [in Kristiansand] on September 11th. It will be special to be on home ground”, Wennerberg says.

But there’s one thing Wennerberg would like to do before he’s done his last drum beat for a-ha.

“It’s a bit disappointing that there won’t be a concert at the local sports field at Moseidmoen [in Vennesla]”, the drummer jokes.

Wennerberg started playing with a-ha around a year ago. Before that he was part of Magne Furuholmen’s band, which led to him becoming the drummer for the famous group.

“I played at a concert with Magne, Savoy and Harket [in 2008]. Afterwards I got a telephone asking me to play with a-ha. It was an incredible feeling. I said yes, and then I started celebrating.”

But the timing could have been better.

“My wife was expecting a baby around the same time. I can thank her for making it possible after all. I just made it home in time for the birth after the concerts”, says Wennerberg, who is now the father of three and lives in Oslo.

Wennerberg himself is also a fan of a-ha.

“It’s a childhood dream that has come true. Back then a-ha was like the “coolest boy in class”, who I obviously wanted to play with.”

Now Wennerberg himself has become one of the big guys. On the outside, life on the road can probably appear exciting and glamorous for many.

“But it’s hard work as well. That said, things are prepared for you so that you can do a good job, and it’s a great experience. We stay in good hotels and are well taken care of. We’re having a good time”, Wennerberg says.

On December 4th it will be over for a-ha, with the last concert on the “Ending on a High Note”-tour taking place in Oslo Spektrum.

“As a fan myself, I think it’s sad that they’re ending the band. But they’re saying that it would be difficult to record a another album, that it would be hard to achieve. Then I think it’s a brave decision to put an end to it. And when it does happen it’s good to finish with a spectacular tour”, Wennerberg says, and adds:

“After all, the band is an important part of Norwegian music history, and has had 25 years of success.”

The tour started on March 4th in Buenos Aires, Argentina and after Brazil and Chile a-ha are going to USA and Canada, before a lot of countries in Europe get a visit. Life on the road is not just hard work, it’s also hectic.

“That’s just how it is, there are pros and cons to everything, that’s only natural. There aren’t many things we miss on tour, we are well taken care of. But as a father of small children and with a beautiful wife at home, you do feel a lump in your throat sometimes when you’ve gone to bed in your hotel room. But in a way it’s good to know that you miss your family. It’s nice knowing that you have someone to come home to”, says the drummer, who will be playing another five concerts in Brazil.

“But after three weeks in South America it’s time for Easter holidays. Then I’ll be going home to my family and we’ll take a trip up in the mountains. That will be great”, Wennerberg ends.

“Oh, and another thing. I need to send a thank you to my mother!”, the drummer says quickly before he has to run off.

This article appeared in Vennesla Tidende, 12 March 2010.
Written by Torill Frislid Gustafson.


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