Morten on Skavlan


Morten appeared on the Norwegian/Swedish talkshow Skavlan last night. He was the first guest and sat through the whole hour.

Other guests on the talkshow, which was taped in Stockholm on Thursday, were Arja Saijonmaa, David Garrett, Lykke Li and Yusuf Islam.

The interview centred around a-ha memories, like the Maracana concert in 1991, life as a celebrity and his knowledge as a teenager that he would one day become a international singer.

Talking about the relations between the band members in recent years, Morten said:

The last two years have been intense. We have simply been working quite a lot. It’s been more brutal when it comes to disagreements between us, where we have taken decisions that we didn’t do before. So what separates the last two years from all previous years is that it’s become a much more binary process. We have just moved on without caring if one of us doesn’t want to, as long as the other two wants to. It’s become a more brutal process in that sense, and that’s been healthy. It’s meant that we’ve been able to follow through on our decisions to a larger extent. Imagine if we’d been able to do that before!

Apparently there are many offers coming in about different projects, but he wouldn’t say much about future plans:

I refuse to say what I’m planning to do in the year ahead, at least at this point. But I consider it very likely that I’ll keep singing. I haven’t quit doing music.

The whole interview can be seen on SVT’s web-TV here.
It’s also available on NRK’s web-TV here.

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