Morten to receive Green Music Award

Picture from BILD

Morten is set to attend the fifth annual Clean Tech Media Award show in Berlin on September 7th, where he will receive the Green Music Award.

This particular award is presented for the first time this year, and goes to Morten for his long-standing focus on electric cars, renewable energy and protection of the rain forest over the last 25 years.

“As a public figure, I have an opportunity to focus attention on environmental issues and thereby perhaps creating more environmental awareness. The “Green Music Award” is a way of doing that and I am very honored to receive this award”, Morten says in a press release announcing the award.

Jury member Jacob Bilabel says: “With his passionate commitment to electric cars and renewable energy, Morten Harket has shown what environmental protection and clean energy means to him. He also shows a great willingness and persistence to integrate it into his lifestyle. In short, he is a great ambassador for green ideas.”

Morten will also be performing during the award show, which is held at the Tempodrom venue in Berlin.

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