Interview in Brazil

a-ha have arrived in Brazil, and are interviewed by Terra TV. Watch the interview here. Paul reveals that the new album won’t be out until September, but that’s to be expected in a-ha-land.

a-ha in São Paulo

a-ha in São Paulo

Brazilian fan Kemeniel has kindly written down a rough translation of the interview:

The Norwegian band a-ha is here for the fourth time. The gigs will take place on Wednesday in São Paulo and in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday. Morten, Paul and Mags are already in our country and they were interviewed by Terra in a hotel here in São Paulo.

Q: And… About your return to Brazil, what can the Brazilian audience expect at these gigs?

Mags: New version of the songs. We tested some new electronic support and we are really excited because it will be something really different from what we used to do for years. We have a different backing band with us.

Q: Tell us about your memories related to Brazil.

Mags: Only good memories. Fantastic memories. Gigs in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are part of a-ha’s history, which made it easier to say “yes” when we were invited to come to Brazil.

Q: Now we are talking right to an internet audience. What does the internet represent to you all on a day-by-day basis?

Morten: It’s just a major arena. You have to work with it, like it or not because it’s an excellent way to reach the fans. And besides that, it helped to change the way you work with music.

Q: After all these years, is there any place where you would like to play?

Morten: We have never played in China. We have never played in Mexico. Not in India. There are actually many places where we haven’t played. There’s not a good reason why we haven’t, it’s just happened that way.

The guitarman Paul Savoy revealed something that the audience is really looking forward to.

Paul: We are in the end of the process for our new CD. It will be done probably in September, after some years working on it.

Q: Do you prefer to play the old or the new songs?

Paul: You know, the fans want to hear one thing, and we have an idea of what we would like them to hear. You just have to find a balance

A balance liked by the Brazilian fans and which made all tickets for São Paulo Gig being sold out much sooner than expected. If you want to watch the immortalized 80’s idols, don’t waste your time, there are still some tickets for Rio de Janeiro concert.

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