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Morten in Brazil to shoot TV commercial

Morten has been in Brazil over the last few days, to shoot a TV commercial for Hydro.

According to P4, the commercial is directed by Norwegian director and photographer Reinert K. Olsen aka Ray Kay, who has previously done music videos for artists like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and Beyonce, as well as commercials for brands such as Pepsi and AT&T.

A promo reel of his previous work can be seen on Vimeo.

Ray Kay also did two commercials for Hydro last year, which can be seen here and here. Earlier today he posted some photos from the current shoot in Brazil on his Facebook page.

A number of fans have had their photos taken with Morten in Sao Paulo and Belém since Friday. Here are some of them:
Picture 1   Picture 2   Picture 3   Picture 4   Picture 5   Picture 6

São Paulo and Curitiba concerts

Master Hall, Curitiba, 15 October

Master Hall, Curitiba, 15 October

a-ha ended their South American tour last week, playing for 8000 people in Sao Paulo on 14 October and for 3000 people in Curitiba on 15 October.

The setlist was apparently the same in both Sao Paulo and Curitiba, albeit only 19 songs – one song shorter than the other shows.

Here with links to selected YouTube videos from both concerts:

01. Cast In Steel
02. I’ve Been Losing You
03. Cry Wolf
04. Move To Memphis
05. Mythomania
06. Stay On These Roads
07. Scoundrel Days
08. Soft Rains Of April
09. Crying in the Rain
10. We’re Looking For The Whales
11. The Swing Of Things
12. Foot Of The Mountain
13. You Are The One
14. Sycamore Leaves
15. Hunting High And Low
16. The Sun Always Shines On TV
17. Under The Makeup
18. The Living Daylights
19. Take on Me

A good quality video clip of “Mythomania” has yet to appear, but here is an audio recording of the song live in Fortaleza (courtesy of Brian Rocha):

Before going to São Paulo, a-ha did a studio session at Estudio Ararena in Fortaleza to work on the next single.

The band now has a 5-month break before the Cast In Steel tour starts again in Russia in March 2016. But besides the tour they also have “a wish list of other stuff” to do, Paul said in an interview with São Paulo radio station Radio Rock 89FM:

“We have a sort of open schedule now, so we wanna keep surprising ourselves. I think for now we just wanna do the tour that we have booked for next year. But then there’s a wish list of other stuff that we would like to do. But we have to see how we feel after that. There’s a pretty long tour coming up. So play it one day at a time, to see what happens.”

São Paulo links
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Curitiba links
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Brazilian tour announced

On tour in Brazil again...

On tour in Brazil again…

Five a-ha tour dates in Brazil this October were announced today, bringing the total number of concerts on the Cast In Steel tour up to 35.

These additional dates will be taking place after the concerts in Buenos Aires and at Rock In Rio:

6 October: Net Live, Brasilia
8 October: Chevrolet Hall, Recife
10 October: Aquaville Resort, Fortaleza
14 October: Espaço das Américas, São Paulo
15 October: Master Hall, Curitiba

The concert in Curitiba will be the first time a-ha perform in that city.

Ticket info from

There will be a sponsor pre-sale starting on July 13 for all dates. The regular on-sale date is July 15 for all shows except Brasilia, which goes on sale to the public on July 16.

In other news, Universal Germany has revealed a new cover image for the “Under The Makeup”-single. The first cover image turned out to be way too similar to the cover of Italian singer Victor’s 2014 single “I’m a Renegade”, so it had to be replaced (albeit with yet another generic stock image):

New single cover

New single cover

Sao Paulo concert, September 26th

Sao Paulo, September 26th 
(Picture from UOL)

Morten played the last of his Brazilian solo concerts in front of 3500 people at the Credicard Hall in Sao Paulo yesterday. No changes in the setlist.

Photo galleries:
UOL   Caras Online   Musicao   CGN

Video clips:
With fans outside hotel   Concert videos

While in Brazil, Morten also found time to answer a few questions sent in by Brazilian fans, which can be seen in this YouTube video.

The tour ends with concerts in Buenos Aires tomorrow and Santiago on Sunday.

Sao Paulo concert

Sao Paulo, March 10th

Sao Paulo, March 10th

Last night’s concert at the Credicard Hall in Sao Paulo saw some positive changes to the setlist, with “Minor Earth Major Sky” (new acoustic version) and “The Swing Of Things” being added. “Touchy” (which didn’t really seem to work the previous night) was dropped, along with “And You Tell Me” and “Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale”.

The concert was sold out, which meant around 7500 people in the audience.

The setlist (with YouTube-links):

Sao Paulo, March 10th

Sao Paulo, March 10th

1. The Bandstand
2. Foot Of The Mountain
3. Analogue
4. Forever Not Yours
5. Summer Moved On
6. Minor Earth Major Sky
7. Move To Memphis
8. Stay On These Roads
9. The Blood That Moves The Body
10. The Living Daylights
11. Early Morning
12. Crying In The Rain
13. Scoundrel Days
14. The Swing Of Things
15. Manhattan Skyline
16. We’re Looking For The Whales
17. I’ve Been Losing You
18. Cry Wolf
19. Train Of Thought
20. The Sun Always Shines On TV
21. Hunting High And Low
22. Take On Me

Brazilian press reviews: Terra   UOL Musica   R7   MTV Brazil   Rolling Stone Brazil   Yahoo Brazil   Yahoo picture set on Flickr

Now the band has a few days off before the next concert in Rio on Saturday.

BTW, the concert in Brasilia on the 16th has been moved from Centro de Convenciones to Ginasio Nilson Nelson, which is a larger venue.

From Sao Paulo to Rio



The Brazilian press has been following the band closely in the last few days. Here they are meeting fans outside their hotel in Sao Paulo yesterday:
Integrantes da banda A-Ha sao cercados por fas na saida do hotel

And arriving at the airport in Rio earlier today:
Integrantes do grupo A-Ha ja estao no Rio de Janeiro

Sao Paulo concert

Morten on stage at the Credicard Hall

Morten on stage at the Credicard Hall

a-ha performed 22 songs at last night’s concert at the Credicard Hall in Sao Paulo, before an audience of 7500 people.

Of particular interest; “I Dream Myself Alive” was played live for the first time since 1987, last year’s two new songs “Riding The Crest” and “Shadowside” were played again, and another new song called “What There Is” was performed live for the first time.

“Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale”, with Edvard Grieg’s “Morgenstemning” as an intro, was also an unusual opener. This is how a-ha entered the stage:

The complete setlist can be found here.

Many other videos have already been uploaded to YouTube. Here are links to some of them:
The Blood That Moves The Body
I’ve Been Losing You
Riding The Crest/Shadowside
I Dream Myself Alive
Hunting High And Low
Train Of Thought
Stay On These Roads
Forever Not Yours
Crying In The Rain
Take On Me

TV report

More TV interviews

Taking a break from rehearsals

Taking a break from rehearsals

a-ha are interviewed by Globo TV during rehearsals in Sao Paulo. Watch the video clip here.

Another interview from TV Cultura can be seen here. Paul again talks about the new album, and says that September is “the official release date”.

Tonight’s concert at the Credicard Hall is sold out. Check back here tomorrow for the setlist and other info.

The band will also be providing updates on Twitter this week. Here is the link.

Pictures from Sao Paulo

Morten signs autographs outside their hotel in Sao Paulo, while leaving the others to wait in the car. What else is new? 🙂



Larger pictures can be found here, here, here and here.

Interview in Brazil

a-ha have arrived in Brazil, and are interviewed by Terra TV. Watch the interview here. Paul reveals that the new album won’t be out until September, but that’s to be expected in a-ha-land.

a-ha in São Paulo

a-ha in São Paulo

Brazilian fan Kemeniel has kindly written down a rough translation of the interview:

The Norwegian band a-ha is here for the fourth time. The gigs will take place on Wednesday in São Paulo and in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday. Morten, Paul and Mags are already in our country and they were interviewed by Terra in a hotel here in São Paulo.

Q: And… About your return to Brazil, what can the Brazilian audience expect at these gigs?

Mags: New version of the songs. We tested some new electronic support and we are really excited because it will be something really different from what we used to do for years. We have a different backing band with us.

Q: Tell us about your memories related to Brazil.

Mags: Only good memories. Fantastic memories. Gigs in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are part of a-ha’s history, which made it easier to say “yes” when we were invited to come to Brazil.

Q: Now we are talking right to an internet audience. What does the internet represent to you all on a day-by-day basis?

Morten: It’s just a major arena. You have to work with it, like it or not because it’s an excellent way to reach the fans. And besides that, it helped to change the way you work with music.

Q: After all these years, is there any place where you would like to play?

Morten: We have never played in China. We have never played in Mexico. Not in India. There are actually many places where we haven’t played. There’s not a good reason why we haven’t, it’s just happened that way.

The guitarman Paul Savoy revealed something that the audience is really looking forward to.

Paul: We are in the end of the process for our new CD. It will be done probably in September, after some years working on it.

Q: Do you prefer to play the old or the new songs?

Paul: You know, the fans want to hear one thing, and we have an idea of what we would like them to hear. You just have to find a balance

A balance liked by the Brazilian fans and which made all tickets for São Paulo Gig being sold out much sooner than expected. If you want to watch the immortalized 80’s idols, don’t waste your time, there are still some tickets for Rio de Janeiro concert.

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