Possible concert in Kristiansand

There is a good chance that a-ha may do a concert in Kristiansand, Norway this summer, the newspaper Fædrelandsvennen reports today.

Sør Arena in Kristiansand

Sør Arena in Kristiansand

I can confirm that this is being worked on and that we really want to make it happen. a-ha want to do a concert in Kristiansand, but the band has a rather tight tour schedule and so the concert date and some other issues are yet to be decided“, a-ha manager Harald Wiik tells Fædrelandsvennen.

Wiik doesn’t want to say where the concert would be held, but the football club Start’s home stadium called Sør Arena would be a good candidate. The stadium has a capacity of around 20 000 people for concerts.

Cathrine Aanensen at Start’s event company Start Event confirms that they are currently in a dialogue with a-ha’s management.

a-ha have only done one concert in Kristiansand before, when they played for 4400 people at Gimlehallen on 30 January 1987.

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