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a-ha in new Volkswagen commercial

Last autumn a-ha visited the area around Kristiansand, Norway to shoot a commercial for a new and electric version of the classic Volkswagen Caravelle. The 4-minute commercial premiered on YouTube yesterday. More pictures and info about the collaboration (in German) can be found at

Magne Furuholmen appointed honorary doctor at the University of Agder

Now also an honorary doctor

In connection with its 10th anniversary, the University of Agder in Kristiansand, Norway, has appointed Magne Furuholmen as one of five new honorary doctors. The recipients are given the honorary doctorates for their “significant scientific or artistic efforts”.

An article on the university website states:

“Magne Furuholmen is one of Norway’s most recognized and versatile artists. He is an innovative and genre-defying artist, and a person that both our staff members and students are inspired by.

With his large international and national network, his wide experience and artistic qualities within several fields of art, he will be a valuable asset for both the University of Agder and our Faculty of Fine Arts.”

When collaborating with the university, Magne will probably be working closely with Karl Oluf Wennerberg, who – in addition to being the drummer for Magne, Apparatjik and a-ha – is an Associate Professor at the Department of Popular Music.

The five honorary doctors will attend the University of Agder’s 10th anniversary celebration at Kilden concert house in Kristiansand on 28 November.

Magne has previously been a guest professor at the The College of Fine Arts in Shanghai, China and is an honorary mentor at the Gutenberg Academy in Germany. He has also hosted workshops at the Hanoi University of Fine Art in Vietnam, at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Germany and at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art in Norway.

In other news, Magne and Queen Sonja were in Aarhus, Denmark on Thursday this week, for the opening of another of their joint Texture exhibitions.

The exhibition at Galerie MøllerWitt in Aarhus received quite a bit of coverage in the Danish press, and here are some links:

DR: Dronning Sonja udstiller med norsk popstjerne
Horsens Folkeblad: Dronningen og popkongen åbnede udstilling i Aarhus
Jyllands-Posten: Norges dronning i fælles kunstprojekt med popmusiker
Lokalavisen Aarhus: Dronningen og A-ha-stjerne viser kunst i Aarhus
Århus Stiftstidende: Rift om Dronning Sonjas kunst “Texture” i Århus

Morten back in the studio

Haugesund, September 26th (From YouTube video by Iwona Magdzinska)

Morten on stage in Haugesund, September 26th
(From YouTube video by Iwona Magdzinska)

Morten was back in Sweden last week, working on new music with Peter Kvint.

“I’m back in the studio with Peter and we’re trying out some stuff. I can’t say that much about it now, but it will be out at some point”, Morten told Radio 102 ahead of his concert in Haugesund.

Peter Kvint also joined Morten at the concerts in Norway this weekend, filling in for Vicky Singh on guitar, while Rickard Nilsson filled in for Christer Karlsson on keyboard.

In the Radio 102 interview, Morten also mentioned that he’s keen on more touring:

“I’m proud of my band, they are excellent musicians. And they have chosen to go on tour with me, even though they could have played with anyone they wanted. They really want to do this, so I would have liked to play even more together with them. I would actually have preferred to do a more extensive tour than we’ve done so far”.

The studio session was also mentioned in an interview with Fædrelandsvennen (subscribers only), in connection with his concert in Kristiansand.

Recent Norwegian concerts – media links:

Bergen, 19 September:
YouTube videos   Bergensavisen review review review review

Stavanger, 20 September:
YouTube videos   Rogalands Avis article

Haugesund, 26 September:
“Spanish Steps” live   Morten arriving at the airport
Haugesunds Avis interview

Kristiansand, 27 September:
“Los Angeles” live

Stavernfestivalen, Odderøya Live and Tysnesfest

Tysnesfest, 12 July 2014 (Picture by Jakob)

Tysnesfest, 12 July 2014
(Picture by Jakob)

Morten played 3 festivals in Norway this weekend, starting with Stavernfestivalen in Stavern on Thursday, Odderøya Live in Kristiansand on Friday and Tysnesfest in Tysnes yesterday.

Stavernfestivalen and Odderøya Live seem to have been shortened 13-song festivals sets, while at Tysnesfest (which I attended) Morten delivered a full 18-song set.

After a slightly reserved opening, Morten warmed up to the audience in Tysnes and gave a focused and solid performance.

The Danish-Swedish band has become really tight at this point. Vicky Singh brings his own signature to the guitar parts, and the brilliant bassist Lars Danielsson really seems to be enjoying playing these songs. a-ha veterans Per Lindvall and Christer Karlsson complete the lineup.

Tysnesfest (Picture by Jakob)

(Picture by Jakob)

Tysnesfest setlist
(with links to my YouTube videos):

1. Do You Remember Me?
2. Oh What A Night
3. Spanish Steps
4. End Of The Line
5. Darkspace
6. Did I Leave You Behind
7. Send Me An Angel
8. Movies
9. Lay Me Down Tonight
10. Shooting Star
11. Safe With Me
12. There Is A Place
13. Wild Seed
14. Los Angeles
15. Whispering Heart
16. Brother
17. A Kind Of Christmas Card
18. Let It Be Me (w/ Vicky Singh)

More pictures from Tysnesfest:

Festival reviews and articles:
VG   Dagbladet   Østlands-Posten   Bergens Tidende

Additional concerts in September

Four additional Morten Harket concerts in Norway in September were announced by the official site today. The dates are:

19 September: USF Verftet, Bergen
20 September: Stavanger Konserthus, Stavanger
26 September: Maritim Hall, Haugesund
27 September: Kilden, Kristiansand

Bergensavisen    Rogalands Avis

Morten to perform at Odderøya Live Festival

Festival logo

Festival logo

Morten will perform at the Odderøya Live Festival in Kristiansand, Norway on 11 July. This will be Morten’s first solo concert in Kristiansand since 1996.

The ticket sale starts tomorrow through

For an overview of all the 2014 concerts announced so far, take a look here.

“Singin’ in the Rain”

Kristiansand, 11 September (Picture by Jakob)

Kristiansand, 11 September
(Picture by Jakob)

It was a rather wet evening on Saturday, when a-ha played their last-ever outdoor concert in front of 15.000 people at Sør Arena in Kristiansand. So instead of the usual Tchaikovsky intro we got Gene Kelly’s “Singin’ in the Rain”.

The roof over the middle part of the stage didn’t seem to be of much help, when the rain came in sideways. From behind a large protective plastic case, Magne commented that his keyboard had turned into an aquarium, while during the acoustic set Morten said that he was almost sliding off his chair, as it was so wet.

Kristiansand, 11 September (Picture by Jakob)

Kristiansand, 11 September
(Picture by Jakob)

But despite the weather and some technical problems, the show went ahead as planned. “We’ll try to do our part to make this night as memorable as possible for you“, Magne said before “Stay On These Roads”. The setlist was the same as in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim – 21 songs starting with TSASOTV and ending with TOM.

Our very first concert in Norway took place in Kristiansand, back in 87. Thank you so much for inviting us back“, Magne told the audience at the end.

The concert gets 5 out of 6 from the local newspaper Fædrelandsvennen.

For Karl Oluf it was a special night, as he is originally from Vennesla, not too far from Kristiansand.

The audience sang along loudly and created a good atmosphere, even if the rain was pouring down. That was great. Magne was super-happy afterwards and Morten thought it was a special show, since Kristiansand is partly home territory for him as well“, he said in an interview afterwards.

Here is the first of my YouTube clips from Kristiansand:
Crying In The Rain

Kristiansand, 11 September (Picture by Jakob)

Kristiansand, 11 September
(Picture by Jakob)

The next concert is the Hunting High And Low-performance at Oslo Konserthus on 4 October. There was a ticket presale today; more info on

And Happy Birthday to Morten, who is 51 today!

“It’s our gift to the audience”

Kristiansand, September 7th

Kristiansand, September 7th

Magne and Morten were in Kristiansand yesterday to promote a-ha’s last ever stadium/outdoor concert.

Fædrelandsvennen has a video interview here, while Radio Sør has an audio interview here.

There was also a TV report on NRK Sørlandet, which can be seen here (starts after 7.45 minutes).

Magne:We’re now ending the most grandiose stadium tour in Norwegian history in Kristiansand on Saturday, so that will be a special concert for us and it will be very special for those who are coming to see it as well.

We have lots of friends and family down here, so it will be really cool to put on a real show at Sør Arena. We have brought along the world’s most amazing stage production and I think people’s jaws will drop. There’s never been anything like it in Norway and I don’t think any other band besides us could have done the same. And I don’t think anyone would have been crazy enough to pay for such a big production for so few shows. You need to tour for a year in order to pay for a production like this. It’s our gift to the audience.

13.500 tickets have been sold for the Kristiansand concert so far. The rigging of the stage is being streamed live here.

And here’s a new interview with director Steve Barron about the “Butterfly” video:

Possible concert in Kristiansand

There is a good chance that a-ha may do a concert in Kristiansand, Norway this summer, the newspaper Fædrelandsvennen reports today.

Sør Arena in Kristiansand

Sør Arena in Kristiansand

I can confirm that this is being worked on and that we really want to make it happen. a-ha want to do a concert in Kristiansand, but the band has a rather tight tour schedule and so the concert date and some other issues are yet to be decided“, a-ha manager Harald Wiik tells Fædrelandsvennen.

Wiik doesn’t want to say where the concert would be held, but the football club Start’s home stadium called Sør Arena would be a good candidate. The stadium has a capacity of around 20 000 people for concerts.

Cathrine Aanensen at Start’s event company Start Event confirms that they are currently in a dialogue with a-ha’s management.

a-ha have only done one concert in Kristiansand before, when they played for 4400 people at Gimlehallen on 30 January 1987.

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