Morten records charity single for Haiti

Morten recording his vocals at Rainbow Studios in Oslo tonight

Morten recording his vocals at Rainbow Studios in Oslo tonight

In addition to performing at the concert for Haiti in Oslo tomorrow, Morten is also among the artists singing on a Norwegian charity single for Haiti.

The song, which is called “Den Stilleste Timen”, was written by Ole Paus this week. Yesterday Paus recorded a demo version of the song at Amadeus Studios, while work on the final version with all the artists started at Rainbow Studios today.



Part of the song could be heard in a report from the recording sessions on TV2 tonight. It appeared to feature Morten doing the lead vocals.

Other artists participating on the single include Ingrid Olava, Eldar Vågan, Simone from D’Sound, Askil Holm, Tuva Syvertsen from Valkyrien Allstars, Thom Hell and Ole Paus himself.

Joachim Lund, who is responsible for the project, tells Dagsavisen: “It’s an absolutely beautiful song, which has the right balance between sober lyrics and a melody which will appeal to a large audience. You have to be pretty callous if you aren’t touched by this song“.

The single is planned for release both as a CD-single and download.


Yesterday, Morten appeared on “God Morgen Norge” on TV2 together with singer Elisabeth Andreassen and director Alexander Eik to talk about tomorrow’s concert for Haiti.

I’m not sure what I’ll be singing, but I promise to make a decision before I go on stage“, Morten said when asked what he’s planned for tomorrow’s concert.

The interview can be seen on

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