Magne in Edinburgh and at by:Larm

Edinburgh, February 17th

Edinburgh, February 17th

Magne was in Edinburgh, Scotland on Wednesday to talk about his Alpha Beta exhibition, which is currently on display at the Edinburgh Printmakers gallery.

There’s a video clip from this event on, where Magne reveals that he is working on a new art book:

Right now I’ve come off a couple of exhibitions in Scandinavia and I’m also working on a book of my artworks that will be published later this year. And between [I’m] doing rehearsals for the final a-ha tour, which is due to start in the beginning of March“.

He also recalls working as an assistant at the Henie-Onstad Art Centre as a teenager, where he had the chance to meet artists like David Hockney and Yoko Ono.

There is also another short video clip from Edinburgh here.


On Thursday Magne was back in Oslo to attend the annual by:Larm music festival/conference, where Dagbladet observed him enjoying a concert by the Danish band Oh No Ono.

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