“It’s been a strange experience”

Morten on stage in Brasilia earlier this week

Morten on stage in Brasilia earlier this week

“It’s been a strange experience to be on stage without my singing voice, but absolutely fantastic to be met by such overwhelming support from the entire audience during the concerts in both Brasilia and Recife. a-ha is definitely more than just me, and the band has performed brilliantly in the absence of my voice, singing along instead of me”, Morten tells VG Nett today, in a text message via his personal manager Sverre Flatby.

a-ha are supposed to perform their last ever Brazilian concert in Fortaleza tonight, and hopefully it will go ahead as planned.

“His condition is being continously monitored. Morten has to a large degree managed to avoid these problems through a 25-year career and has an impressive track record of not missing many concerts. Ideally he should be giving his voice complete rest at the moment, but Morten is weighing this up against a strong wish to not disappoint all those who have been waiting for a-ha in South America”, Sverre Flatby tells VG.

Morten’s voice problems are also mentioned on Dagbladet.no.

“Morten has performed two concerts with a virus infection on his vocal chords, and was therefore examined by doctors in both Brasilia and Recife”, a-ha manager Harald Wiik tells the newspaper.

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