a-ha team up with Coop

a-ha and Warner Music Norway have teamed up with the Norwegian grocery store chain Coop and the newspaper VG for the release of a-ha’s upcoming ‘best of’-album entitled 25.

25 is a career-spanning double CD that contains 39 tracks, including a-ha’s final single “Butterfly, Butterfly”.

The album will be available exclusively through Coop stores in Norway from 19 July to 4 September. Members of Coop will be able to buy the album for only 99 kroner, which also includes a copy of VG. The price for non-members is 149 kroner.

We are very happy and proud that a-ha have chosen Coop as distributor of the ‘best of’-album in connection with the band’s farewell tour“, Bjørn V. Kløvstad from Coop says.

The full press release from Warner Music Norway has been posted by FaroJournalen here.

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