Sennheiser article

Going wireless with Sennheiser

Going wireless with Sennheiser

A new article about the various Sennheiser equipment a-ha are using on stage during the farewell tour has been posted on

a-ha’s current FOH engineer Sherif El Barbari, who took over for Sven Persson last year, explains that it’s quite special to be working with Morten:

Morten is incredibly sensitive to the performance of his microphone and wireless personal monitor system. In fact, I’ve been an engineer for close to thirty years now, and I have never met someone who is so spot-on regarding what he hears, what he feels, and what he expresses. He is a perfectionist who is capable of delivering, and that has really raised the bar for [monitor engineer Kursten] Smith and myself.

a-ha tour manager Kleopatra Tuemmler mentions Morten’s new wireless microphone, which he started using on the “Foot Of The Mountain” tour, as being a positive development:

He has always been a very focused vocalist. He’s never been one to work out any kind of choreography. Having a reliable, excellent-sounding wireless mic has opened up his performance, allowing him to move without fear of tangled wires. He performs in a different way.

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