The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator opens in Berlin

Magne in Berlin last week, working on the Apparatjik installation together with his son Thomas Vincent.
(Picture from VG)

Apparatjik opened their Light Space Modulator project at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin this past weekend with a performance on Saturday that included a couple of new songs.

To promote this month’s events the band has teamed up with Smart to create a unique discoball electric car, covered by thousands of mirror pieces. In the YouTube video above, Magne can be seen driving around Berlin in the car. He also provides the vocals on the accompanying “Combat Disco” track.

More info about the collaboration with Smart can be found in an article on the New York Times website:
Band’s Electro Aesthetic Is Reflected by Discoball Smart Car

Magne has also done some new interviews in connection with the Berlin installation/performances:
QRO Magazine: Magne Furuholmen of Apparatjik & a-ha (English) Complicate Your Life! – Interview mit Magne Furuholmen (German)
Monopol Magazin: Apparatjik – Vier gegen Mies (German)

A few YouTube videos from Saturday’s performance can be seen here. And a Danish company that delivered the sound equipment for the cube has posted some pictures of the rigging here.

The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator continues this month, with new performances planned on March 26th and March 27th – the latter in collaboration with the Deutsches Kammerorchester. “I will be conducting the orchestra together with the others in Apparatjik, and that’s something I’ve never done before“, Magne tells VG.

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