New interview with Paul

Paul in his home studio 
(Picture by Lauren, from

Music journalist David Weiss recently visited Paul in his home studio in SoHo, New York, to talk about his studio equipment and working methods. The interview has now been published on music website

In the last few months, various equipment from Paul’s studio has appeared for sale on eBay. And in the interview he says that he’s indeed becoming more selective about his tools:

“10 years ago I had a Trident desk, every synth in the book, and gear up to the ceilings. Now it’s more computer-based, and I’m just trying to keep the stuff that we really love, and get breathing space.

It works a lot better. I like to experiment, but if you have too many things, you don’t get around to it. Synths with 15,000 presets becomes like Lord of the Rings – it’s endless.”

But he still has a lot of gear to help him create that special sound he’s looking for.

“Most of the stuff I write needs a certain atmosphere to work at all, so I’m very sensitive to achieving that for an instrument or vocal – I have to have that thing that gives me shivers. If I don’t feel it, we’ll work on something else. Obviously the performance is the most important thing, but you can help it along”, Paul says.

Read the whole article, which includes a lot of pictures from the studio, at

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