Morten interviewed in VG

Picture from VG

VG’s paper edition has a 2-page interview with Morten today. Here is a translation of some of it:

You’ve made a quick return as a solo artist, even though you could have been resting on your laurels. Why do you keep going?

Because I want to! There’s still a lot left to do, I’m not finished with what music can provide.

How has the time been, since the last a-ha concert?

There was a great period of relaxation in January and February [2011]. But in March I was at it again. I couldn’t wait any longer. If I was going to continue, it didn’t need any pondering. It was time to start planning. The machinery was still warm, the system was up and running. So I didn’t want to wait until I became slow and lazy.

Are you still in contact with Paul and Magne?

It’s like usual. Which means never. No, just kidding, but we have been living so intensly on top of each other that now we’re in contact when it feels natural. It can be at one of Magne’s exhibitions. But we don’t write letters to each other. Magne writes an enormous amount of e-mail, but I never reply to e-mail. Paul and myself aren’t chit-chatting either. We’re grown men.

But those two will always be a huge part of your life?

Yes, we’re eternally connected. But we’re stubborn individuals, all three of us. We will always have a lot of respect for each other and everything we do individually. a-ha is a unique forum. You can’t take away any of us and still call it a-ha.

Paul has written many of the songs you have made classics. As a solo-artist, could you still have performed songs written by him?

Yes, I could. And songs written by Magne.

There isn’t any prestige in that?

No, definitely not. The prestige lies in choosing an interesting selection of material. And it’s even more interesting if you’re both the songwriter and the singer. But that’s often not the case, as well. Sometimes I write songs that would be better suited for someone else. That’s how it works when I’m choosing songs – I don’t look at who’s written them.

On the last a-ha tour you left most of the talking to Magne, you hardly spoke at all in between songs. How will that work on your solo tour?

I will have a live connection to Magne on stage, so he’ll still do all the talking!

Why is it that you don’t talk in between songs?

You’ve been to an a-ha concert. I’m standing there howling the whole evening! Enough is enough. No, just kidding. I mean, I don’t represent myself when I’m doing an a-ha concert. I’m representing the spirit of a-ha, which is neither Paul, Magne nor myself. It’s different from when I’m doing my own thing. So I think I’ll naturally be speaking more – I can’t possibly speak any less!”

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