Novosibirsk concert, April 18th

Novosibirsk, April 18th

Morten continued the tour today, at the Circus venue in Novosibirsk. And apparently this concert ended up being radically different from the first.

The setlist was almost completely shuffled around, compared to Krasnoyarsk. In addition, three solo songs were added; “When I Reached The Moon”, “Just Believe It” and “Lay Me Down Tonight”, plus one additional a-ha song; “We’re Looking For The Whales”.

1. Burn Money Burn
2. I’m The One
3. Keep The Sun Away
4. Crying In The Rain
5. Out Of Blue Comes Green
6. Move To Memphis
7. Forever Not Yours
8. When I Reached The Moon
9. Los Angeles
10. Spanish Steps
11. A Kind Of Christmas Card
12. We’re Looking For The Whales
13. Just Believe It
14. Lightning
15. Scared Of Heights
16 Stay On These Roads
17. Foot Of The Mountain
18. Lay Me Down Tonight
19. Take On Me

So in total, there were 8 a-ha songs, 7 songs from Out Of My Hands and 4 songs from Wild Seed.

Trying out different setlists at the start of a tour is something a-ha have usually done as well, before settling on the “final” setlist after a few shows.

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