Magne on Senkveld

Magne and the other mentors on The Voice were guests on TV2’s talkshow Senkveld tonight, before they are off to Magne’s cabin on a mountain trip before next week’s live show.

Talking about the upcoming live shows, where the TV-audience will be able to vote for their favorites, Magne said:
“It will be interesting to see what people think, people who don’t have the same close knowledge of the talents we’ve been working with. But that’s how it is outside the show as well – people “vote” by buying someone’s album. And I think all four of us would like to see specific artists sell a lot more albums, because we like them. But they don’t get enough “votes”, or purchases on iTunes. So there’s always a certain element of competition. We’re just trying to navigate through this as best as we can, and do our best for the talents on our teams.”

When asked what it’s like working with Magne, Sondre Lerche mentioned how he’s always been a big a-ha fan:
“I’ve had quite an intense interest in Magne and a-ha, going way back, and I have defended the band through thick and thin. When I was 12 years old, in the early 90s, and all the boys in my class liked Guns N’ Roses and Metallica, I stood up for East Of The Sun and Memorial Beach – those more serious a-ha albums.”

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