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‘The Voice’ to premiere on 21 August

The mentors: Yosef Wolde-Mariam, Lene Marlin, Morten Harket and Martin Danielle

The fourth season of the Norwegian version of The Voice, with Morten as one of the mentors, is now set to premiere on TV2 on 21 August.

During the first week, there will be a new episode every night, Monday through Friday, at 20:00.

There will also be a marathon-repeat of the first five episodes on Saturday 26 August, from 13:00 to 18:30.

A trailer for the show can be viewed at

Magne on Senkveld

Magne and the other mentors on The Voice were guests on TV2’s talkshow Senkveld tonight, before they are off to Magne’s cabin on a mountain trip before next week’s live show.

Talking about the upcoming live shows, where the TV-audience will be able to vote for their favorites, Magne said:
“It will be interesting to see what people think, people who don’t have the same close knowledge of the talents we’ve been working with. But that’s how it is outside the show as well – people “vote” by buying someone’s album. And I think all four of us would like to see specific artists sell a lot more albums, because we like them. But they don’t get enough “votes”, or purchases on iTunes. So there’s always a certain element of competition. We’re just trying to navigate through this as best as we can, and do our best for the talents on our teams.”

When asked what it’s like working with Magne, Sondre Lerche mentioned how he’s always been a big a-ha fan:
“I’ve had quite an intense interest in Magne and a-ha, going way back, and I have defended the band through thick and thin. When I was 12 years old, in the early 90s, and all the boys in my class liked Guns N’ Roses and Metallica, I stood up for East Of The Sun and Memorial Beach – those more serious a-ha albums.”

TV-special on TV2

“Morten Harket – mannen bak myten”, the 1-hour TV-special about Morten’s ten-day trip to Brazil in January, aired on TV2 in Norway last night.

Hosted by Dorthe Skappel, it featured conversations with Morten and his manager Harald Wiik in various locations around Rio de Janeiro. Morten talked about his early performances with Ten Sing choir Anthem and about the first time he saw Bridges perform. He also revealed that he was offered a role in a movie with John Hurt and Helen Mirren at one point, and that he once punched a paparazzi to the ground in the UK. Morten got emotional when talking about being bullied for years as a child. “It was a real hell, year after year”, he said.

We were also introduced to a Brazilian fan who said that Morten’s music, and in particular “A Kind Of Christmas Card”, saved her from committing suicide in the 90s.

When asked about Morten’s philosophical way of speaking, Harald Wiik made it clear that he doesn’t agree with those who feel that Morten is hard to understand:

Harald Wiik and Morten, discussing the cover design of the new album

“I don’t really understand where that notion comes from. I am actually of the exact opposite opinion; I feel he is very precise and concise. I think the reason why many people get that impression, is that he’s being precise and concise at a very high tempo. And his focus can shift very quickly. But I feel that each single statement is very to the point and fact-based. But he’s going at a high speed, so you need to pay attention. It’s not for newcomers.”

The TV-special also included instrumental mixes of songs on the new album as background music and a number of clips from private home movies from Morten’s childhood. There were also some rare pictures shown – like this publicity photo of Morten’s band Souldier Blue from the early 80s:

Souldier Blue

Paying subscribers to TV2’s web-TV can see the whole special online. It has also been uploaded to YouTube.

TV2 to air one-hour special about Morten

Morten enjoying the view from Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, January 2012.

On April 14th at 21:40, TV2 in Norway will air a 1-hour special called “Morten Harket – mannen bak myten” (“Morten Harket – the man behind the myth”), which follows him on his trip to Brazil in January this year.

Here’s how it’s described on TV2’s website:
“A paying audience of 198.000 people filled the Maracana Stadium in 1991, giving a-ha a world record. We get a unique look into Morten Harket’s life and career, as Dorthe Skappel travels with him back to Rio, Brazil.”

There’s a short preview at


Also, the German iTunes store has now posted details about a special edition of Out Of My Hands, with 90-second samples of all 11 songs. This special edition includes a bonus track called “Undecided” (yes, that’s the actual title of the song).

“The Voice” taping dates

As mentioned earlier this fall, Magne will be one of four mentors on the talent show “The Voice – Norges Beste Stemme”, together with Sondre Lerche, Hanne Sørvaag and Yosef Wolde-Mariam.

TV2 has now posted the taping dates for the first ten episodes – the blind auditions, where the mentors initially can’t see the singers.

The dates are: 
Monday 5 December 
Tuesday 6 December 
Thursday 8 December 
Saturday 10 December 
Sunday 11 December

Two shows are taped back-to-back each of these nights, at Nydalen Studios in Oslo.

If you want to be in the audience, there are contact details in the TV2 article linked above.

Magne ready for talent show “The Voice”

Sondre Lerche, Magne, Hanne Sørvaag and Yosef Wolde-Mariam. (Picture by TV2)

Magne will be one of the mentors on the Norwegian version of the talent show “The Voice”, TV2 revealed at a press conference in Oslo today.

Joining him as mentors are Sondre Lerche, songwriter Hanne Sørvaag and Yosef Wolde-Mariam from Madcon.

“I agreed to do it because the show is about backing someone that you believe in and trying to give them the best possible conditions. I want to support the talents I believe in and give them an opportunity to shine. This is a big difference from other talent shows, because in “The Voice” we’ll follow the talents and try to further develop their own style”, Magne says.

Magne was aware of the American version of the show, which aired on NBC earlier this year, before he was approached by TV2 in Norway:

“I was offered to write a song for the guy who won “The Voice” in the US, so I already had some experience with the show before TV2 asked me. That meant that I was more open to be a part of it”, he tells VG.

He has said no to several other talent shows in the past, but feels that “The Voice” is a different concept:

“In the past I have said no to everyone that’s asked. I don’t like the type of talent shows that have been shown on Norwegian TV before. But this time all the focus will be on the voice and the talent. There won’t be any ridicule of people who think they can sing, without really having any talent. The selection process is done in advance, so our job is simply to choose the ones we really believe in.”

Sondre Lerche also has a good impression of the concept:

“I agreed to do “The Voice” because I have seen the show in the US and I really like it because it’s a constructive talent show. It’s about the music and the process. I think it’s cool to be involved in other people’s projects, I know the value of giving people a chance”, Lerche says.

More articles and pictures about Magne and other mentors have been posted at and Dagbladet.

“The Voice” will air on TV2 in Norway sometime next spring, while the pre-auditions are starting on October 12th. The winner gets a record deal with Universal.

Norwegian press meeting

a-ha in Oslo, August 16th

a-ha in Oslo, August 16th

a-ha met the Norwegian press at Hotel Grims Grenka in Oslo today, to talk about the farewell concerts and to present the updated edition of Jan Omdahl’s The Swing Of Things, which is published in Norway later this week.

A photo session with the band was followed by individual interviews with Magne and Morten, while Paul and Lauren tried their best to dispel the ever-returning John and Yoko comparisons by uh… doing their interviews in bed.

A few video clips from the press meeting can be seen here:      TV2 Nyhetene

And here are some of the articles published so far: Tankeprosessen har startet Paul har A-ha-låtene du aldri får høre A-ha-farvel på godt og vondt


Paul and Lauren interviewed in bed by TV2.

Paul and Lauren interviewed in bed by TV2.

Some selected quotes:

Paul:I’m not the one who wanted this to happen. To me, there are four parts; it’s Magne, myself and Morten, but it’s also a-ha. It’s like a unit on its own. And a part of me wants to fill it with as much great material as possible. I have read every book there is about other bands, and the hell that they’ve been through in order to record an album. But it’s worth it in the end. In my opinion we should have just put up with things in order to get [another album] done.

I have at least half a new a-ha album ready. I wrote many new songs before we decided to end the band. So I would have liked to continue. We have a potential for more, at least one more album.

It’s strange and a bit sad to retire. We just got back from Japan, where the fans were crying in despair when we left our hotels.

Lauren:It’s sad, but I’m also happy for him, because he has so many options now. He can write songs for other artists. It’s an exciting time.

Paul:Since we announced our retirement, I’ve been contacted by a few people who have asked me if I’d be interested in various projects. That’s what I have in mind now, there are so many great voices out there that really speak to me. It would be cool to write for some of those, I have already made a list of names that I would like to write for. But I won’t show it to you“, he smiles.

Morten:There are many interesting things that I’m currently considering. I’m not writing songs at the moment, there’s no room for that. But I do feel a small tingling coming along, so it would be strange if the urge for songwriting shouldn’t return. But I feel it’s best to just let things happen and leave the horizon open.

Interviewer: – Can you see yourself fronting another band?

Morten:No comment.


Magne:We’re around 50 years old, and we’ve been doing this for 25 years. If I were to do something else, this would be the right time.

There are many reasons to split. The time has come. It would have been easier to continue, but it’s more brave to end it. I wouldn’t want to fall asleep at the wheel.

a-ha will live on, without us.


Magne and Morten on God Morgen Norge.

Magne and Morten on God Morgen Norge.

Earlier in the day, Magne and Morten appeared on God Morgen Norge on TV2.

Magne talked about how, after the Japanese concerts, he and the family had travelled up into the mountains and lived together with buddhist monks.

It was a powerful experience. We had to get up at 6 in the morning and take part in an hour-long ceremony where you sit on the floor until your feet get numb, as you’re not used to sitting with your legs crossed. It gave me insight into another way of life.

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