The Voice-special on TV2

A one-hour special about the first season of The Voice was shown on TV2 on Saturday, which included a new interview with Martin Halla and Magne, backstage clips and highlights from the show.

Host Øyvind Mund asked Martin why he chose Magne over Sondre Lerche at the first blind audition:

Martin: “I thought about some of the things he’s doing outside of music. He’s doing abstract work in the world of arts, and I’ve been making a lot of abstract music. So I thought we could connect on that level.”

– Has this contest been good for your self confidence?

Martin: “It’s been very good. I do have confidence in what I’m doing, but getting accept for it and being embraced by both the mentors and the people has been an extremely good experience.”

By the end of the interview, Magne was asked what will happen now:

Magne: “We’re going to record an album during the summer/early fall. We have already been in the studio to record an EP. Long days and long nights in the studio; it’s been many years since that was my lifestyle. But it’s incredibly inspiring and there’s a great atmosphere in the studio.”

Martin: “Yes, absolutely.”

– What are your ambitions for Martin?

Magne: “They are unlimited. But then again, I’m never able to limit myself.”

– So you have worldwide ambitions?

Magne: “Yes, that’s what I’ve been saying all along. And if it doesn’t work out, I can at least say that I tried. But I do have lots of contacts in London that have already heard of him, and to some extent listened to him as well. If I decide to bite down on something, my jaw locks – like a pitbull.”

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