Photo exhibition opens in London

Stian Andersen and Magne Furuholmen at Strand Gallery in London, 27 February 2013

Stian and Magne at the opening
(Photo by Rachel)

Stian Andersen’s exhibition of a-ha photos opened at the Strand Gallery in London last night. In addition to Stian himself, Magne also made an appearance. Music was provided by harpist Erin Hill, who had come over from New York.

A gallery of photos from the opening can be seen at Strand Gallery’s Facebook page, and the UK edition of Huffington Post has an interview with Magne about Stian’s photos.

“They’ve revealed a feeling of unity that you don’t really think about in terms of the band, and that was a positive feeling that came out of it… I wrote in the preface to the book that I think it’s captured something we all felt was like being there, it had that authenticity, feeling of recognition. It takes a lot for us to agree on anything, and we all really liked the outcome of his work”, Magne says.

The exhibition at the Strand Gallery is open until March 17th.

And if you haven’t already, check out a mini-documentary about the photo book project on Vimeo and a new interview with Stian on

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