a-ha meet with King Harald

a-ha outside the Royal Palace in Oslo, June 10th

a-ha outside the Royal Palace in Oslo, June 10th

a-ha arrived at the Royal Palace in Oslo earlier today, where they had been granted an audience with King Harald. This is taking place in connection with the band members being appointed Knights First Class of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav last year.

Picture from nrk.no

Picture from nrk.no

“It’s an honor to get recognized on an official level for the work we’ve done together. We accept it with gratitude and humility”, Magne told the press.

One reporter asked what they expected to talk about with King Harald.

“I reckon he’s a professional in that area, so he’ll lead the conversation”, Magne said with a laugh.

“We’re not coming here with lots to tell. Instead, we’ll listen to what the King has to say”, Morten added.

Another reporter asked how it is to come together as a-ha now, to receive this honour.

“It’s becoming increasingly harder to gather the three of us together, so we’re grateful to His Majesty for this opportunity”, Magne said.

Watch video clips of a-ha arriving on nrk.no and aftenposten.no. There is also a large photo on vg.no and a photo set by Stian Andersen on a-ha.com’s Facebook page.

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