Interview with Morten

Interviewed backstage at NOTP

Interviewed backstage at NOTP

The Night of the Proms tour continues, and tonight Morten and the other artists are performing in Luxembourg.

In a short video interview posted on the NOTP Facebook page, Morten is asked what he enjoys most about being on stage on this particular tour:

“I’m kind of used to being on stage. Obviously, being on stage has to do with contact with the audience and that connection, with the music as the agent between. That’s what it’s about. What is different for me here is obviously this big ensemble behind me and this huge orchestra. And that opportunity is something you don’t really get often. I’ve done it, kind of, many times over the years. We’re talking about 30 years now. But to be able to do it like this, on a daily basis more or less – because we play virtually every night – is an opportunity of a different kind. So that is what stands out for me”, Morten tells interviewer Markus Othmer, who also hosts the shows.

Morten is also asked how it is to perform his new songs “There is a Place” and “Did I Leave You Behind” together with the orchestra:

“That is a great opportunity as well, because these songs are really fresh. They’re very new. It’s not long ago I sat on a couch with a guitar, together with Peter [Kvint], my songwriting partner. And these songs were just that. And all of a sudden, five minutes later, it’s in such a setting. So this I’ve not done before”, Morten says.

Some recent video clips from Night of the Proms:
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