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Morten in the studio at NRK P1's Nitimen (Picture from Facebook)

Morten in the studio at NRK P1’s Nitimen
(Picture from Facebook)

Morten did another round of radio promotion today, which included P4s Radiofrokost, NRK P1’s Nitimen and Radio 102.

Here are some translated quotes:

“We have just delivered the finished album. Beyond this point you can’t change anything, you’re handing it over to others, so there’s been a lot to take care of in the final stages.”

“During the songwriting, Peter Kvint and I have worked on the music, while Ole Sverre Olsen and I have written the lyrics. But there are also some exceptions. One of the songs on the album has been written by Ole Sverre on his own, but primarily he’s worked on the lyrics. Peter Kvint is the main producer, while I have co-produced.”

“This album has much of the same spirit as Wild Seed. I’m thinking Brother is a natural continuation. There are similarities in the sound.”

“Per Lindvall, who is a fantastic drummer and whom I’ve worked with in the past, including in a-ha, he’s playing the drums on this album. I’ve used him quite a bit previously, but now he’s brought along some of the guys he usually plays with. I’m going to Stockholm in a few days, to start rehearsing with these guys. It will be very exciting, as they are top-notch musicians.”

“We’re not sure when [the music video] will be released. Harald Zwart has got a fair amount of post-production to do, so you won’t just see my nose above water for five minutes. There’s a lot of decision-making around the material that’s been shot, which partly decides when the album is coming out. We’ve been aiming for album release in late March, but with the ongoing post-production on the music video, I think we’re looking at early April instead.”

In addition, nine brand new promotional photos from the recent Mexico photo shoot have been posted on They were taken between 30 January – 1 February.

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