Paul: ‘Waaktaar’ album ready after the summer

"More music is on the way", Paul says. (Picture by Jakob)

“More music is on the way”, Paul says.
(Picture by Jakob)

The first part of the Q&A with Paul was posted on today.

After the release of “Manmade Lake”, many fans have been wondering if we can expect a Waaktaar album at some point. And Paul can now confirm that he is indeed working on a full album:

“I’m working on an album to be released under “Waaktaar”. It should be ready shortly after the summer. Hopefully I’ll be able to upload some individual tracks long before that.”

He also provides some background info on “Manmade Lake”:

“It’s been a favorite of mine for a while. It was written around the overdriven guitar riff in the outro and I’ve been looking for a way to present it. The voice is run through a guitar amp which I thought strengthened the mood and related to the words, particularly in the second verse. Sort of like a ground-to-air type voice.”

Moreover, Paul mentions that he’s working on two additional albums, and that he’s hoping to include the song used in last year’s Scent of a Woman trailer on the next Savoy album.

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